Sentinels reclaim throne with dominant HCS Kansas City Major win: Final results

Sentinels win HCS Kansas CityHCS

The Halo Championship Series continued its run in 2022 with the HCS Kansas City Major. This time around, it was Sentinels that showed up in a big way on Championship Sunday, dominating both OpTic and Cloud9 on their way to the trophy.

  • Sentinels annihilate Cloud9 with 4-0 sweep in Grand Finals.
  • OpTic finish Top 3 after nailbiting 5 map series with Sentinels.
  • HCS Kansas City Major featured $250K prize pool.

After a few weeks of online competition, Halo Infinite finally returned to LAN once again. The HCS Kansas City Major is now in the books as teams from around the globe battled for their share of $250,000.

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With huge roster changes since the last Major, it was certainly a spicy event to say the least. From a recap of results to a full look at the event format, here’s all there is to know.

HCS Raleigh Major: prize pool & placements

Placement Team Prize Money (USD) HCS Points
1 Sentinels $140,000 25,000
2 Cloud9 $84,000 15,000
3 OpTic Gaming $42,000 11,000
4 eUnited $21,000 9,000
5-6 FaZe Clan $11,200 8,000
7-8 Acend $7,000 7,000
9-12 G2 Esports $3,150 5,500
Gamers First
13-16 EasternMediaGG $2,100 4,500
Complexity Gaming
PIT Knights
17-24 Built By Gamers $1,400 3,000
JLINGZ esports
LOU Red Wolves
Chiefs Esports Club
Luminosity Gaming
Team Cruelty
Natus Vincere

HCS Kansas City Major 2022: Results

Championship Bracket

Saturday, April 30

Note: Bracket play matches kicked off after final pool play matches concluded

Winner’s Bracket Day 1
Quadrant 2-3 Sentinels 10AM 1PM 6PM
Acend 1-3 OpTic 10AM 1PM 6PM
Cloud9 3-0 FaZe 10AM 1PM 6PM
eUnited 3-1 PIT Knights 10AM 1PM 6PM
Lower Bracket Day 1
Chiefs 1-3 EasternMediaGG 5PM 8PM 1AM
JLINGZ 3-0 Luminosity 5PM 8PM 1AM
Team Cruelty 0-3 BLVKHVND.EU 5PM 8PM 1AM
Natus Vincere 2-3 LOU Red Wolves 5PM 8PM 1AM
Built By Gamers 1-3 EasternMediaGG 5PM 8PM 1AM
Complexity 3-1 JLINGZ 5PM 8PM 1AM
Spacestation 3-0 BLVKHVND.EU 5PM 8PM 1AM
Gamers First 3-1 LOU Red Wolves 5PM 8PM 1AM

Sunday, May 1

Lower Bracket Day 2
G2 Esports 3-1 EasternMediaGG 10AM 1PM 6PM
XSET 3-1 Complexity 10AM 1PM 6PM
Fnatic 3-2 Spacestation 10AM 1PM 6PM
PIT Knights 2-3 Gamers First 10AM 1PM 6PM
FaZe Clan 3-0 G2 Esports 10AM 1PM 6PM
Quadrant 3-1 XSET 10AM 1PM 6PM
Pioneers 3-2 Acend 10AM 1PM 6PM
eUnited 3-0 FaZe Clan 12PM 3PM 8PM
Cloud9 3-0 Pioneers 12PM 3PM 8PM
eUnited 0-3 Cloud9 2PM 5PM 10PM
Winner’s Bracket Final
Sentinels 3-2 OpTic 2PM 5PM 10PM
Elimination Finals
OpTic 0-3 Cloud9 4PM 7PM 12AM
Grand Finals
Sentinels 4-0 Cloud9 6PM 9PM 2AM

Pool Play

Friday, April 29

Pool A
Cloud9 3-0 Acend 10AM 1PM 6PM
XSET 3-1 Chiefs
XSET 1-3 Acend 12:30AM 3:30PM 8:30PM
Cloud9 3-0 Chiefs
Cloud9 3-0 XSET 3PM 6:00PM 11PM
Acend 3-0 Chiefs
Pool B
FaZe Clan 3-0 Navi 11.15AM 2:15PM 7:15PM
OpTic 3-0 Fnatic
FaZe Clan 3-2 Fnatic 1:45PM 4:45PM 9:45PM
OpTic 3-0 Navi
OpTic 3-0 FaZe Clan 4:15PM 7:15PM 12:15AM (April 30)
Navi 1-3 Fnatic
Pool C
G2 1-3 Quadrant 11:15AM 2:15PM 7:15PM
eUnited 3-0 Cruelty
eUnited 3-2 G2 1.45:PM 4:45PM 9:45PM
Quadrant 3-0 Cruelty
eUnited 3-1 Quadrant 4:15PM 7:15PM 12:15AM (April 30)
G2 3-0 Cruelty
Pool D
Sentinels 3-2 Knights 10:00AM 1PM 6PM
Pioneers 3-1 JLINGZ
Pioneers 3-0 Knights 12:30PM 3:30PM 8:30PM
Sentinels 3-0 JLINGZ
Sentinels 3-1 Pioneers 3:00PM 6:00PM 11PM (April 30)
JLINGZ 1-3 Knights

Saturday, April 30

Pool A
XSET 3-1 Spacestation Gaming 10AM 1PM 6PM
Acend 3-1 Spacestation Gaming
Chiefs Esports 0-3 Spacestation Gaming 12:30AM 3:30PM 8:30PM
Cloud9 3-0 Spacestation Gaming
Pool B
OpTic Gaming 3-0 Complexity 11.15AM 2:15PM 7:15PM
Fnatic 3-1 Complexity
Navi 2-3 Complexity 1:45PM 4:45PM 9:45PM
FaZe Clan 3-0 Complexity
Pool C
Quadrant 3-2 Gamers First 11:15AM 2:15PM 7:15PM
G2 Esports 3-1 Gamers First
Cruelty 0-3 Gamers First 1.45:PM 4:45PM 9:45PM
eUnited 3-0 Gamers First
Pool D
JLINGZ 1-3 Built by Gamers 10:00AM 1PM 6PM
Sentinels 3-0 Built by Gamers
Knights 3-2 Built by Gamers 12:30PM 3:30PM 8:30PM
Pioneers 3-1 Built by Gamers

HCS Kansas City Major 2022: Streams & Schedule

The Kansas City Major was streamed live on the official Halo Twitch channel, as you would expect. Secondary broadcasts were also spanning the backup HCS channels as well, with each stream focusing on different games to cover as much as possible.

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Below is a quick breakdown of the full event schedule for the Kansas City Major:

  • Open Bracket: Friday, April 29 – Saturday, April 30.
  • Group Stage & Championship Bracket: Saturday, April 30 – Sunday, May 1.

HCS Kansas City Major 2022: Format & Prize Pool

The Kansas City Major kicked off with an Open Bracket. Throughout this stage, squads that purchased their own team passes battled through a lengthy double-elimination bracket. The top four teams advanced to the Group Stage while the next four teams advanced to the Championship Bracket.

In the Group Stage, 16 qualifying teams from North America, Europe, Mexico, and Asia Pacific battled against the top four from the Open Bracket. This stage was purely a fight for seeding as squads looked to secure the best spot in the upcoming Championship Bracket.

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This time around, said Championship Bracket featured 24 teams in total, with all squads fighting through one last double-elimination bracket to crown an ultimate winner. All matchups were best of fives with a mix of Slayer, Capture the Flag, Stronghold, and Oddball.

Cloud9 win on stage at HCS Anaheim 2022Cloud9 / HCS
Cloud9 took out the overall win at Infinite’s first LAN event.

While $250,000 was the base prize pool, no different from the very first Major in Raleigh, that was purely a starting point once again. With crowdfunding in effect this year, prize pools can expand as players buy unique esports cosmetics in Halo Infinite.

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Below is a full breakdown of the prize pool as it stood before bonus funds were added in:

  • 1st: $100,000
  • 2nd: $60,000
  • 3rd: $30,000
  • 4th: $15,000
  • 5th – 6th: $8,000
  • 7th – 8th: $5,000
  • 9th – 12th: $2,250
  • 13th – 16th: $1,500
  • 17th – 24th: $1,000

HCS Kansas City Major 2022: Teams & Players

20 teams in total were set to kick things off in the HCS Kansas City Major group stage. 16 had already earned their spot in regional competitions around the world. Meanwhile, the last four spots were filled by teams that advanced through the open bracket.

 Below is a full look at the qualified squads along with their rosters for the event.

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Team Region Players
OpTic Gaming North America aPG, Lucid, TriPPPeY, FormaL
FaZe Clan North America Snip3down, Bound, Falcated, bubu dubu
eUnited North America Spartan, RyaNoob, KingNick, Rayne
G2 Esports North America Sabinater, Gilk3y, Str8 SicK, Tusk
Cloud9 North America StelluR, Penguin, Eco, Renegade
Kansas City Pioneers North America Manny, Druk, SoulSnipe, Taulek
Sentinels North America Lethul, Royal2, SnakeBite, Frosty
XSET North America Cratos, Suspector, Artic, Suppressed
Acend Europe Snipedrone, Lqgend, Shaady, Sica
JLINGZ esports Europe Morguh, Qristola, Quad, robs1n
Natus Vincere Europe Kimbo, Jimbo, Respectful, tuf0xy
Quadrant Europe Fragxr, SLG, TchiK, Shad
Pittsburgh Knights Mexico Atzo, Drift, Tapping Buttons, Gambino
Team Cruelty Mexico DanyKnight, Deco, Reaper, Rinnegan
Chiefs Esports Club Oceania Barcode, Praties, Pipz, Madsyy


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