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How to claim Halo Infinite Twitch drops: HCS Kansas City 2022

Published: 21/Apr/2022 6:00 Updated: 21/Apr/2022 6:20

by Brad Norton


Halo Infinite Twitch drops are now active and we’ve got you covered with a quick guide on how you can claim these exclusive rewards for yourself.

If you want to stand out from the crowd in Halo Infinite, there are plenty of options when it comes to Spartan customization. Whether it’s campaign rewards, items in the store, or even the odd event.

However, some of the more rare items can’t actually be earned in-game. Instead, you’ll need to rely on Twitch drops to a variety of exclusive Halo Infinite cosmetics.

If you’re new to the Twitch drop system or simply need a refresher, here’s how you can start earning Halo Infinite rewards on Twitch.


Halo Infinite gameplay
343 Industries
Each new event throughout 2022 is set to bring unique Twitch drops.

How to claim Halo Infinite Twitch drops

Claiming Halo Infinite Twitch drops is as simple as linking your accounts. All you need to do is log in to both Halo Waypoint and Twitch, connect them together, and you’ll be on your way to earning rewards.

Below is a step by step guide on how to easily claim Halo Infinite Twitch drops:

  1. Sign into your Halo Waypoint account.
  2. Navigate to the Linked Accounts tab in your settings.
  3. Link your Twitch account in Halo Waypoint.
  4. Head to Twitch and log in.
  5. Navigate to the Connections tab in your Twitch settings.
  6. Ensure your Halo Waypoint account appears under your Twitch Connections.
  7. After earning a Twitch Drop, check your Inventory page and click ‘Claim Now.’

Current Halo Infinite Twitch Drops: HCS Kansas City 2022 / Grassroots Make-a-Wish donation drive

The Kansas City leg of the Halo Championship Series is coming up quick and between April 29 and May 1 there’s a new stack of treats to get your hands on just by watching Twitch streams.

You can do some charitable work in the process by watching the Grassroots Make-a-Wish donation drive anywhere on those same dates.


Below we’re listing all available drops for this round, and how to unlock them.

343 Industries
Watching any games in the three-day period of the Kansas City Major unlocks these toys.

To get yourself a 2-for-1 unlock, you’ll need to put in three hours of watch time through the Kansas City Major.

Head on over to the official Halo Twitch channel for the vehicular upgrades of “Midnight Gold” and the “Shuksan Bumper”.

343 Industries
Catching the final on stream gives access to this lucky charm.

Celebrating the Grand Final on May 1 for just 1 hour with the teams on stream will grant you the “Clean Sweep” charm.

Available only while watching on the Halo Twitch channel.

343 Indsutries
Select partnered streamers will be the way to unlock this champion banner

Watching any of the partnered Co-Streamers giving their take on the action for 2 hours grants the “HCS Banners.”


Check through this list and partnered co-streamers will be sure to have their status clearly labeled.

343 Industries
Working with Make-a-Wish this backdrop might just make someone’s day.

Finally, the Grassroots Make-a-Wish donation drive will be running concurrently to the Kansas City Majors, all to raise money for the Make-a-Wish foundation.

Watching any HCS Grassroots streamer for 1 hour will unlock the “HCS Trophy” backdrop.

Previous Halo Infinite Twitch Drops: HCS ANZ and MX Supers / Grassroots B2B Showmatch

The ANZ and MX HCS Supers took place from March 4-6. With this came a brand new round of Twitch drops.

Additionally the Grassroots B2B Showmatch took place on March 18 from 7-10pm ET.

Similar to the HCS Final and Launch rewards detailed below, fans could grab some in-game goodies just by watching streams on Twitch.


For an hour’s attention, you can get yourself the “Whose World is This” emblem.

This is only available by watching on the official Halo and Halo_es channels.

This HCS Trophy is only available during the Grassroots B2b Showmatch.

For watching the Grassroots B2B tournament on any participating streamers channel on Twitch during the 7-10pm ET timeframe you’ll instantly unlock the HCS Trophy.

Previous Halo Infinite Twitch Drops: HCS NA Regional Final rewards

HCS Twitch Drop rewards
These HCS Twitch Drops are exclusive to the NA Regional Finals.

Up first was three HCS Winter-themed weapon coatings that covered the Battle Rifle, Sidekick, and Assault Rifle. These were unlocked with three hours of watch-time on the official HCS stream.

A bonus reward came exclusively during the Grand Final broadcast on the final day of action.


For watching one hour on February 13, players could grab the HCS Celebration Pose.

HCS Twitch Drop rewards
This bonus item is only available during the Grand Final series.

Last but not least, one bonus item was up for grabs through featured HCS co-streams during the event.

By watching one hour of any featured streamer, you unlocked the Championship Chalice Nameplate and Emblem.

HCS Twitch Drop rewards
Co-streamers have this unique Halo Infinite reward up for grabs during the NA Regional Finals.

Previous Halo Infinite Twitch Drops: HCS Launch rewards

With the first Halo Infinite LAN event came the first batch of Halo Infinite Twitch drops.

By watching the HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh tournament, three HCS Launch Weapon Coatings could be unlocked. These exclusive rewards covered the Battle Rifle, Sidekick, and Assault Rifle for those who tuned into the official HCS broadcast.

Halo Infinite Twitch drops
343 Industries
HCS Launch Weapon skins were previously available throughout HCS Raleigh.

All fans had to do was tune in for one hour across December 17-19.

However, a different set of awards was available during HCS Raleigh Major partnered co-streamers instead.

By tuning into TSM Myth, Summit1g, Cloakzy, or TeeP for one hour across the same dates, viewers could earn the HCS Launch Armor Coating.

Halo Infinite rewards
343 Industries
Watching co-streams nets a different set of Halo Infinite awards.

This exclusive Armor Coating could be applied to the MK VII, Yoroi, and MKV armor sets.

Be sure to brush up on our HCS Raleigh hub to catch up on the first Major results.