OpTic Gaming beat FaZe Clan at HCS Charlotte to win third consecutive Halo Infinite tournament: Final results

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OpTic Halo winning HCS Charlotte Major

The 2023 Halo Championship Series is officially underway, with the best Halo pros in the world taking to Charlotte, NC for the HCS Kickoff Major, an event which saw OpTic Gaming achieve a historic third consecutive major Halo victory. Here are all the details.

The HCS 2022 season saw OpTic Gaming become Halo world champions once again as former Call of Duty star Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper made his grand return to Halo, and they look to be continuing in the exact same fashion.

Here’s exactly what went down at the HCS Charlotte Major, including final results, standings, and prize money earned.

HCS Charlotte Major standings

Final standings for the HCS Kickoff event:

PlacementTeamPrize Money (USD)
1OpTic Gaming$100,000
2FaZe Clan$60,000
3Spacestation Gaming$30,000
4Native Gaming White$17,500
5-6Gamers First$8,000
5-6Shopify Rebellion$8,000
7-8Complexity Gaming$5,000
9-12Believe the Hype$2,500
9-12Proton Gaming$2,500
9-12TSS Esports$2,500
13-16Natus Vincere$1,625
13-16Luminosity Gaming$1,625
13-16Divine Mind$1,625

HCS Charlotte Major results

Here is the full set of bracket results from the HCS Charlotte Major.

HCS Charlotte 2023 winners bracket
HCS Charlotte 2023 Winner’s Bracket results
HCS Charlotte 2023 losers bracket
HCS Charlotte Major 2023 Loser’s Bracket results

HCS Charlotte Major groups

Below are the full groups at the HCS Kickoff, with an Open Bracket team joining each group after the action on Friday.

Pool APool BPool CPool D
FaZe Clan (3-0)OpTic Gaming (3-0)Gamers First (3-0)Spacestation Gaming (3-0)
Shopify Rebellion (1-2)Sentinels (2-1)Native Gaming White (2-1)Complexity (2-1)
Proton Gaming (1-2)Quadrant (1-2)Believe the Hype (1-2)TSS Esports (1-2)
Natus Vincere (1-2)Cloud9 (0-3)Luminosity (0-3)Divine Mind (0-3)

HCS Charlotte Major stream

The $250k tournament took place on the official Halo Twitch channel, with the action kicking off on Friday, February 24.

The grand finals were settled on Sunday, February 26, with OpTic Gaming taking down FaZe Clan.

HCS Charlotte Major teams

Here is the full list of players and teams in Pool Play, featuring veteran stars, world champions, and young talent gunning for their first taste of glory.

FaZe ClanSnakebite, Frosty, Renegade, Royal 2
OpTic GamingTrippy, aPG, FormaL, Lucid
Gamers First (G1)bubu dubu, Falcated, Svspector, Sabinater
Native Gaming RedDruk, Taulek, Mannny, SoulSnipe
SpacestationEco, StelluR, Bound, Pznguin
Believe the HypeMoNnsTcR, Boammx, Precisin, Neuronical
SentinelsSpartan, KingNick, Lethul, Kuhlect
Spotify RebellionMentaL, Karmea, Rayne, RyaNoob
Natus VincereJimbo, Snipedrone, SoSnakey, zMightys
QuadrantSLG, Sica, Lqgend, TchiK
LuminosityDrift, Atzo, Bullet, Noble
Divine MindMadsyy, Swayz, BZIIRK, Slayz

Teams now look ahead to the next major event of the HCS 2023 season: the Arlington Major at the end of June.

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