NAVI crush FaZe Clan at CS2 PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: Recap & full results

Declan Mclaughlin
Navi lifts the PGL Copenhagen Major torphy

NAVI have taken home the Counter-Strike 2 PGL Major Copenhagen title with a convincing win over FaZe Clan, one of the best teams in modern CS. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

This was PGL’s first Major since 2022, which saw FaZe Clan lift the trophy and collect the $500,000 top prize, and it’s was the first ever Major to be played on Counter-Strike 2.

However, despite their best efforts, FaZe Clan weren’t able to defend that title two years on even though they made it to the Grand Finals. Instead, a NAVI team that was almost completely remade for CS2 made a confident run all the way through the tournament. They didn’t even need s1mple after all.

Though FaZe Clan took a 13-9 win on map 2, NAVI’s wins on maps 1 and 3 were extremely one-sided, and they truly played like the best team in Counter-Strike 2 right now.

Here’s a full recap of the tournament along with the results.


PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: Stream

The entire tournament was broadcasted across Twitch, YouTube, and Kick on PGL’s channels, and you can catch up on the VoDs for every match on their YouTube channel.

PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: Standings

PlacementTeamPrize Money (USD)
1Natus Vincere$500,000
2FaZe Clan$170,000
3-4Team Vitality
G2 Esports
Eternal Fire
Team Spirit
9-11Complexity Gaming
paiN Gaming
Imperia Esports
15-16FURE Esports
The MongolZ
Lynn Vision Gaming

With the Major win, NAVI additionally secured spots in both the BLAST Premier World Final and Esports World Cup.

PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: Schedule

The event ran over the course of two weeks, with top teams having to fight their way through the opening, elimination, and playoff stages to get a chance at winning it all.

Playoff Stage: March 28-31

Past Results

Day 9: March 28

Quarter-finalsCloud9 0-2 Vitality9 AM12 PM4 PM
Quarter-finalsSpirit 1-2 FaZe11 AM2 PM7 PM

Day 10: March 29

Quarter-finalsEternal Fire 0-2 NAVI9 AM12 PM4 PM
Quarter-finalsMOUZ 0-2 G211 AM2 PM7 PM

Day 11: March 30

Semi-finalsVitality 1-2 FaZe9 AM12 PM4 PM
Semi-finalsG2 1-2 NAVI11 AM2 PM7 PM

Day 12: March 31

Grand FinalNAVI 2-1 FaZe11 AM2 PM7 PM

Below are the results for the completed Opening Stage:

Opening Stage: March 17-20

Day 1: March 17

Round 1Cloud9 13-10 ECSTATIC2:30 AM5:30 AM10:30 AM
Round 1Eternal Fire 13-6 The MongolZ2:30 AM5:30 AM10:30 AM
Round 1ENCE 19-22 Imperial4 AM7 AM12 PM
Round 1Apeks 8-13 paiN Gaming4 AM7 AM12 PM
Round 1HEROIC 13-5 Lynn Vision5:30 AM8:30 AM1:30 PM
Round 1GamerLegion 13-8 AMKAL5:30 AM8:30 AM1:30 PM
Round 1SAW 13-4 KOI7 AM10 AM3 PM
Round 1FURIA 13-16 Legacy7 AM10 AM3 PM
Round 2Eternal Fire 13-2 paiN Gaming9 AM12 PM5 PM
Round 2Ecstatic 13-10 The MongolZ9 AM12 PM5 PM
Round 2Eternal Fire 13-6 The Mongols10:30 AM1:30 PM6:30 PM
Round 2Heroic 16-14 Imperial10:30 AM1:30 PM6:30 PM
Round 2Apeks 16-13 AMKAL12 PM3 PM8 PM
Round 2Cloud9 13-10 Legacy12 PM3 PM8 PM
Round 2ENCA 16-12 KOI1:30 PM4:30 PM9:30 PM
Round 2GamerLegion 9-13 SAW1:30 PM4:30 PM9:30 PM
Round 2Furia 9-13 Lynn Vision1:30 PM4:30 PM9:30 PM

Day 2: March 18

Round 3 (1-1)Imperial 13-7 APEKS5 AM8 AM12 PM
Round 3 (1-1)paiN 13-3 ENCE5 AM8 AM12 PM
Round 3 (1-1)GamerLegion 13-4 Legacy6 AM9 AM1 PM
Round 3 (1-1)Ecstatic 13-8 Lynn Vision6 AM9 AM1 PM
Round 3 (2-0)Heroic 2-0 Eternal Fire7 AM10 AM2 PM
Round 3 (0-2)TheMongolZ 2-1 AMKAL7 AM10 AM2 PM
Round 3 (2-0)Cloud9 2-0 SAW11 AM1 PM5 PM
Round 3 (0-2)KOI 0-2 Furia11 AM1 PM5 PM

Day 3: March 19

Round 4 (2-1)Eternal Fire 2-1 GamerLegion5 AM8 AM12 PM
Round 4 (1-2)Lynn Vision 0-2 The MongolZ5 AM8 AM12 PM
Round 4 (2-1)SAW 0-2 paiN7 AM10 AM3 PM
Round 4 (1-2)Legacy 2-0 APEKS7 AM10 AM3 PM
Round 4 (2-1)Ecstatic 2-1 Imperial11 AM2 PM6 PM
Round 4 (1-2)ENCE 0-2 FURIA11 AM2 PM6 PM

Day 4: March 20

Round 5Legacy 0-2 The MongolZ5 AM8 AM12 PM
Round 5Imperial 2-1 GamerLegion7 AM10 AM3 PM
Round 5SAW 0-2 FURIA11 AM2 PM6 PM

The opening stage was followed by the elimination stage, the full results are below:

Elimination Stage: March 21-24

Day 5: March 21

Round 1MOUZ 13-11 Ecstatic5 AM8 AM12 PM
Round 1NAVI 13-10 The MongolZ5 AM8 AM12 PM
Round 1Team Vitality 10-13 Eternal Fire6 AM9 AM1 PM
Round 1Virtus.Pro 6-13 Imperial6 AM9 AM1 PM
Round 1FaZe 10-13 Heroic7 AM10 AM2 PM
Round 1Complexity 13-9 paiN7 AM10 AM2 PM
Round 1Spirit 13-7 Cloud98 AM11 AM3 PM
Round 1G2 13-3 Furia8 AM11 AM3 PM
Round 2MOUZ 13-11 Eternal Fire9 AM12 PM5 PM
Round 2Vitality 13-9 The MongolZ9 AM12 PM5 PM
Round 2Complexity 19-17 Heroic10 AM1 PM6 PM
Round 2Virtus.Pro 13-9 paiN10 AM1 PM6 PM
Round 2NAVI 13-11 G211 AM2 PM7 PM
Round 2Cloud9 13-3 Ecstatic11 AM2 PM7 PM
Round 2Spirit 13-2 Imperial12 PM3 PM8 PM
Round 2FaZe 13-7 Furia12 PM3 PM8 PM

Day 6: March 22

Round 3 (1-1)G2 9-13 Cloud95 AM8 AM12 PM
Round 3 (1-1)Heroic 6-13 Virtus.Pro5 AM8 AM12 PM
Round 3 (1-1)Eternal Fire 13-1 FaZe6 AM9 AM1 PM
Round 3 (1-1)Imperial 9-13 Vitality6 AM9 AM11 PM
Round 3 (2-0)Complexity 0-2 MOUZ7 AM10 AM2 PM
Round 3 (0-2)paiN 2-1 The MongolZ7 AM10 AM2 PM
Round 3 (2-0)Spirit 2-1 NAVI9 AM12 PM5 PM
Round 3 (0-2)Ecstatic 2-1 Furia9 AM12 PM5 PM

Day 7: March 23

Round 4 (1-2)FaZe 2-1 Imperial5 AM8 AM12 PM
Round 4 (2-1)Eternal Fire 2-1 Virtus.Pro5 AM8 AM12 PM
Round 4 (1-2)Ecstatic 1-2 G28 AM11 AM3 PM
Round 4 (2-1)Complexity 1-2 Vitality8 AM11 AM3 PM
Round 4 (1-2)Heroic 0-2 paiN10 AM1 PM6 PM
Round 4 (2-1)Cloud9 2-1 NAVI10 AM1 PM6 PM

Day 8: March 24

Round 5Complexity 0-2 FaZe5 AM8 AM12 PM
Round 5Virtus.Pro 1-2 G28 AM11 AM3 PM
Round 5NAVI 2-0 paiN10 AM1 PM6 PM

PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: Format

The PGL Copenhagen Major will have the same format as all recent S-tier tournaments, featuring an opening Swiss Stage with 16 to start the action. All matches in the opening stage are best of one except for elimination and advancement matches, which are best of three.

The top eight teams from that stage will move on to the Elimination Stage which will also feature eight invited teams that got to skip the first stage. The Elimination Stage is also run in the Swiss style with the same rules for matches.

The top eight teams from this stage will then go into a Playoff Stage with a single-elimination bracket where all matches are best of three.

The Opening Stage started on March 17 and runs through March 20, while the Elimination Stage will run March 21- 24. The final Playoff Stage will round out the event March 28 – 31.

PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: Teams

Teams qualify from North and South America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe through open and closed qualifiers.

Valve changed how regional slots are distributed in 2022, making certain guarantees for regions and extra slots reliant on previous Major placements. For the PGL Copenhagen Major, Europe and America will always have three spots, with Asia-Pacific always getting two.

Virtus.proEuropeJame, FL1T, fame, n0rb3r7, mir
FaZe ClanEuroperain, broky, karrigan, ropz, frozen
Eternal FireEuropeXANTARES, Calyx, MAJ3R, Wicadia, woxic
HEROICEuropeTeSeS, sjuush, NertZ, nicoodoz, kyxsan
G2 EsportsEuropehuNter-, NiKo, m0NESY, HooXi, nexa
KOIEuropemopoz, dav1g, JUST, adamS, stadodo
SAWEuropeMUTiRiS, rmn, ewjerkz, story, arrozdoce
GamerLegion*Europesnax, acoR, Keoz, isak, volt
MOUZEuropetorzsi, xertioN, suihy, Jimpphat, Brollan
Team VitalityEuropeapEX, ZywOo, Spinx, flameZ, mezii
AMKALEuropeTRAVIS, Forester, NickelBack, Krad, ICY
Cloud9EuropeAx1Le, HObbit, electroNic, Perfecto, Boombl4
Team SpiritEuropechopper, magixx, zont1x, donk, sh1ro
ENCEEuropedycha, gla1ve, Goofy, Kylar, hades
NAVIEuropeB1t, Aleksib, jL, iM, w0nderful
APEKSEuropeNawwk, jkaem, STYKO, CacaNito, Sense
EcstaticEuropekraghen, Queenix, salazar, Nodios, Patti
ImperialAmericanVINI, HEN1, felps, noway, decently, zakk
FURIAAmericanyuurih, arT, KSCERATO, FalleN, chelo
paiN GamingAmericanbiguzera, lux, kauez, nqz, n1ssim
ComplexityAmericanJT, floppy, Grim, hallzerk, EliGE
LegacyAmericancoldzera, latto, dumau, NEIKIZ, b4rtiN
The MongolZAsia-PacificbLitz, Techno4K, 910, mzinho, Senzu, maaRaa
Lynn VisionAsia-Pacificwestmelon, z4kr, Starry, EmiliaQAQ, Jee, Gum

*9Pandas replaced by GamerLegion.