Halo Infinite players slam “broken” ranked mode over big Oddball problem

Alec Mullins
Halo Infinite spartan carrying the Oddball and holding in a pose similar to Shakespeare's Hamlet

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been making waves among traditional fans and newcomers alike, but one big bug in the ranked version of Oddball is making the game hard to enjoy for competitive players. 

343 Industries surprised fans in a major way when they announced that Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer mode would drop on Nov. 15, but their gamble on the game being ready has majorly paid off.

The classic arena shooter’s gameplay has been lauded for its methodical pace and tactical combat, but there are still some issues bubbling up underneath the surface.

For ranked players, this Oddball bug is becoming more and more of a nuisance with each game mode, as it looks to be rewarding Competitive Skill Rank points to the wrong team at the end of a  match.

Halo Infinite has a big Oddball problem in ranked mode

Halo Infinite screenshot showing Spartans fighting
Halo’s multiplayer has been a big hit, but this issue in Oddball is quickly zapping the community’s enthusiasm.

Infinite’s Oddball mode is broken down into individual rounds. Each round is won by possessing the ball for longer than your opponents, and the team who wins the most rounds will win the game.

Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work anyway. Instead, it seems as if the game is rewarding the win to the team that holds the ball for the longest total amount of time.

This means that a team could lose narrow rounds, but ultimately win the game by having a dominant performance in the round they won, eclipsing the total amount of time the other team held the ball.

One user remarked on the frustration of winning a match just to see your CSR go down in the post-game recap: “I played so hard last night that my eyeballs were sweating on Livewire oddball. Someone random on my team was going 6-40. We won round 3 by 1 second, meaning we won 2-1 overall. Lost rank because the post-game report is bugged.”

After posting the initial screenshot in the thread, RivenOrBust was baffled by the source of the problem but reinforced how big of a problem this bug is: “I don’t know but damn it was frustrating. Dropped me out of diamond 5.”

343 has yet to acknowledge this problem, but considering that the game is still in Beta, it’s likely that they will address the issue before the official release.

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