Dr Disrespect pops off in Halo Infinite with classic “peek one time” snipe

Dr Disrespect Halo snipeMicrosoft/DrDisrespect

Streaming sensation and 6’6 freak of nature Dr Disrespect showed why he is the greatest gamer in the universe by landing a perfect trademark snipe in Halo Infinite.

The two-time is known for his gaming prowess, uncontrollable rage, signature shades, but most importantly, his violence, speed, and momentum. And boy, did he ever bring it to Halo Infinite on November 24.

During a YouTube stream, Doc was playing some Warzone, but decided to switch to Halo Infinite with ZLaner and it ended up being one heck of a good decision.

Armed with a sniper rifle, the banned Twitch streamer showcased exactly why even at 39-years-old he plays like a pro wired on Redbull.

Dr Disrespect snipes dude in Halo InfiniteYouTube/DrDisrespect
Doc didn’t even look at the guy he was sniping.

“Peek one time”

After hitting a no-scope shot onto a foe taking them out, much to the delight of ZLaner who praised the frag, Doc turned around and avenged his teammate to another enemy trying to capture A.

Once B fell, Doc scoped in and made the classic play, remarking on when his next adversary would enter the fray and called his shot.

“He’s coming B. In 3…2…1. Just peek one time,” Doc said before turning his head away in confidence. “I’m not even going to look at this guy. Come, come, come, come!”

With that, Doc pulled the trigger, securing the headshot leaving both parties laughing at his antics.

“Ha, you don’t even have to look at them at this point!” the two-time grinned with glee.

Considering Halo Infinite has only just begun its lifespan, we can’t wait to see what more Doc and his friends can get up to, especially if he’s going to keep making insane plays like this. The sky’s the limit.