Halo Infinite player creates Infection game mode in Forge before the devs

Eleni Thomas
Halo Infinite Infection header

The latest Halo Infinite Forge leaks show off how one well-known Halo content creator has managed to recreate Halo’s iconic Infection game mode before the actual developers at 343 Industries.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Halo Infinite’s Forge mode. Over the past month, there have been multiple leaks of the new mode that boast an almost limitless capacity for creativity when it comes to altering already created multiplayer maps as well as recreating settings from other well-known games.

The most recent leaks were shared via the Artifice YouTube channel. In the two-minute video, viewers can see how a creator has spent the past couple of weeks building their version of Halo’s beloved Infection game mode.

Infection was first introduced to Halo 3 and came about after a Halo 2 custom game called Zombie became widely popular. Infection begins with the lobby of players being dropped onto the map. Most start the game as un-infected while a few will begin the game as already infected. The few who started infected must then kill any and every player who isn’t and when they do, they will join in the infected ranks to help take down the rest.

The game can end in one of two ways. When all players have been infected or if one player can survive until the game’s clock runs out. Although, staying alive on your own for an extended period is no easy feat unless hiding in a spot that other players are unable to reach.

Some versions of the game mode have the infected players appear as the longtime Halo enemies the Flood, while others simply have them appear as infected Spartans. In the fan-made version of the game mode using Halo Infinite’s Forge mode, the creator has made the infected players appear as Spartans wielding bright red energy swords.

The footage is as intense and stress-inducing as what players have come to expect from the game mode and shows off how it runs from both the perspective of the survivor and then as one of the infected. Furthermore, it is another example of the capacity Infinite’s Forge mode has.

Back in March 2022, some hints suggested that Infection would be coming to Halo Infinite. A quick start-up screen of the game mode was leaked with an announcement labelling the game as being Infection. However, since these leaks, there have been no comments by devs 343 about when, and if, Infection will be coming to Halo Infinite.

Some fans are speculating online that if Infection is arriving it could drop during Halloween of 2022. For all the updates on Halo Infinite as well as any breaking news on the Halo franchise as a whole, check out Dexerto’s coverage here.

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