MW3 players are not happy with the new limited-time game mode

Shane Black
MW3 character with Ray Gun

MW3 players are taking to social media to voice their displeasure with the game’s newest limited-time mode.

MW3, as with all CoD games, has several events lined up that include new maps, weapons, and even new game modes.

Recently, the game released its latest mode, called Vortex, as part of the game’s New Years celebration and ramp up to the release of its Season 1 Reloaded.

However, fans are not too keen with the new game mode and are voicing all of their criticisms of it online.

MW3 players aren’t fans of the new game mode

In a recent post on the game’s subreddit, a player made a very aptly-named post: “Vortex is a terrible mode.”

They go into more detail in their post to about their reasoning, saying: “It’s basically FFA, but you don’t get streaks, the ray gun is awful, and you can obtain victory without using the ray gun.”

Many of the comments agree with the post, with one user saying they “doubt” they will be returning to play the game mode anytime soon.

Another player made their disappointment clear: “I tried this mode and thought for sure the Ray Gun would have more of an impact on winning. It does not.”

The game mode operates similarly to Free-For-All, but there is always a player with a Ray Gun, a popular weapon from previous CoD games. If a person kill the person with the Ray Gun, then they get the Ray Gun themselves.

The issue that many members of the community are having is that the Ray Gun, which has been known to be a highly-powerful weapon, doesn’t feel powerful enough to make it anything special.

As one player sums it up: “I’m like ok. Man with the ray gun. I know this mode. Nope just free for all, and if you get lucky you kill the person with the ray gun and it’s terrible.”

Fortunately for the critics, the game mode is one of many and won’t be in the MW3 rotation for much longer.