MW3 Zombies fans devastated as devs confirm no plans for content

Shane Black
MW3 Zombie screaming at camera

The fanbase for MW3 Zombies is reeling as the devs have announced there are currently no plans for future content.

While the multiplayer for MW3 has taken center stage since the game’s release last year, the Zombies mode has quietly cultivated a strong following.

A lot of players enjoy the new take on the classic Zombies mode, with its open design and chaotic, cooperative gameplay.

However, the devs have shown they aren’t planning to add any more content to the mode, leaving the community devastated.

MW3 Zombies fans let down by devs’ lack of content plans

The news broke on X, then made its way to the CODZombies subreddit, where the poster shared the sad news about possible future content:

“According to MrDalek JD, Treyarch has confirmed that there are no plans to add new enemies and new perks to MWZ.”

The response from the community has not been positive, with one user simply claiming: “I feel robbed.”

A common feeling among the MW3 Zombies base is that it feels like the mode is dying and that there isn’t going to be anything new added to it.

“Seems that the mode is already starting to die. I was still hoping they would have improved it in the future seasons, but seems that they actually don’t care at all about this mode.”

This news is leading many members of the community to plan on leaving the mode – and the game as a whole – entirely.

One user intends to uninstall the game and “make room for better games” on their system.

It’s a disappointing outcome for a mode that had a surprising hype cycle around it at launch. Now the MW3 Zombies community is left wondering what they’re going to be doing.