Halo Infinite will finally be introducing the iconic Infection Mode next month

Eleni Thomas
Halo Infinite Infection mode header

After months of a slow process of adding in new content, Developer 343 have revealed that the longstadning and beloved Infection Mode will be finally added into the game during the Season 4 update in June 2023.

Halo Infinite launched at the end of 2021. While many were exciting to see what Developer 343 did with the new title, the early result was disappointing. In large part due to how much content was missing from the game.

On release, Infinite only really had a basic multiplayer and campaign, with other notable features such as Forge, Mission replay and others all missing from the game. And while the dev team have since added these modes in, there is still much missing from Halo Infinite.

However, 343 have finally confirmed that the beloved Infection game mode will be added into Halo Infinite next month.

Infected was first introduced in Halo 3 and has since features in the games Halo: Reach, Halo 2: Anniversary, and Halo 5: Guardian. It essentially operates as a zombie mode, wherein players must hide and run away from the players who are infected and playing as the villainous Flood. 

In an infected player kills a non-infected one, they then respawn as the Flood and must aid in the quest to infected every player. The aim is to be the last gamer standing who is not infected or survive until the clock runs out.

Halo Infinite devs finally adding Infection Mode to the game

343 confirmed the news in a new updated on their Halo Waypoint portal, including a brief teaser trailer of what to expect from Season 4 of the game when it drops on June 20.

Back in January 2023, Dexerto wrote an article on how the Halo series deserves better than Microsoft’s baffling mismanagement.

Time will tell if this new Infection mode will bring players back to Halo Infinite, however, the game has been struggling to maintain engagement as a result of its slow process in adding new content into the game.

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