Halo Infinite missions & features reportedly leaked in gameplay demo

Brent Koepp
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[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]Potential features for Halo Infinite leaked after a keen-eyed viewer discovered a screen accidentally shown in Microsoft’s gameplay demo. The open-world title looks to have side quests, missions, and more.

On July 24, Microsoft gave players their first in-depth look at Halo Infinite during the Xbox Series X digital conference. The game developed by 343 Studios was revealed to be open-world – a first for the series.

While there’s still many things we don’t know about the upcoming release, potential features were unintentionally leaked online on July 25 when a fan spotted a map image during the title’s gameplay demo.

halo infinite screenshot
Halo Infinite will feature a sprawling open-world map.

Halo Infinite made its gameplay debut during Microsoft’s July conference. The publisher uploaded an eight-minute video showcasing the title’s map in action, while also teasing the story. However, one fan discovered potential features accidentally shown during the demo.

Redditor ‘ChipDibbles‘ made the discovery on July 25, and posted it on the r/halo subreddit. The user uploaded a map screenshot and explained, “I noticed more icons on the map very briefly show up before fading away (the radar is still fading out.. it’s quick).”

According to the fan, the screen can quickly be seen at 3:02 during the map transition fade when played at 0.25 playback speed. There are new map icons that show up which you wouldn’t normally see by just watching the demo.

The screenshot has kicked off speculation among the community that the title will feature bounties, rescue missions, and bases. At the top left of the map for instance, we see a red plus logo that is titled “Marine Rescue.” On the bottom, there is a name called Okro Vagaduun with a red target symbol which could possibly be a bounty hunt.

The image also shows blue symbol bases which players theorize will be friendly locations, VS the red symbol called Green Spire and The Tower which would be enemy bases. While nothing specifically states these are side quests, the different icons on the map seem to point towards Halo Infinite having features similar to Far Cry.

(Topic starts at 3:01 at 0.25 playback speed)

While this is purely speculation, Infinite has been described as being open-world. So having side quests, bases, and active missions isn’t too far fetched, as those are par the course for the genre.

However, the screen is still a hot topic for fans looking for any tidbit they can get on the upcoming FPS. It’s also interesting given that it doesn’t appear the icons were supposed to be seen during the demo.

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