Halo Infinite players not impressed as devs add Sombra-inspired ability from Overwatch 2

Halo Overwatch343 Industries

The Halo community is furious with a newly revealed Quantum Translocator ability, with competitive players hoping that the Overwatch 2 style power-up is not included in the esports side of the game.

Halo Infinite, while initially set to be the debut title for the Xbox Series S/X, was delayed over a year after fans were concerned that the game was not able to run at a steady 60FPS. When developer 343 did eventually release the game, they still did so with many major features missing from the game, including the likes of mission replay, the Forge game mode, and more.

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As a result, devs have been hard at work trying to win back the favor of their fanbase while also bringing new and fresh content to the game. One such new feature to be added to Halo Infinite is the Quantum Translocator gear.

In essence, this new ability allows players to instantly travel to different locations, hopping between walls and retreating back to an area of a map that they were running around previously. Overwatch players will likely pick up that this new ability bears a strong resemblance to Sombra’s own Translocator ability in OW2.

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Halo Overwatch343 Industries
Halo Infinite is the latest entry in the longstanding FPS franchise.

However, now that fans have come to grips with it shortly after the reveal at HCS Dallas, with its launch set for Season 4, some fans are furious at just how out of place it is in the typical Halo experience. 

Halo players call out devs for new Overwatch-looking ability

Furthermore, the ability is essentially a carbon copy of Overwatch 2 ability of the same name that the hero Sombra is able to use. 

“This is a joke right? Yikes. More salt in the wound. How to ruin Infinite’s MP more than before,” were a few of the negative responses on Twitter.

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The Halo community is particularly concerned about this new translocator becoming a usable tool in competitive play, something that would completely change up the long-running esports matches and player styles of the Halo competitive scene.

One Halo player posted a video of the gear being used, captioning the post “Please keep this out of competitive Halo.” Other Halo players have since filled the comments with similar sentiments, with much of the community seemingly frustrated by the direction that the devs are taking the game in.

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Time will tell if 343 addresses the backlash and if the Quantum Translocator will feature in competitive Halo tournaments of the future. However, much like most things in Halo, there’s sure to be an option to disable this particular ability in competitive lobbies.

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