Halo Infinite leaks confirm campaign won’t have unlockable armor sets for multiplayer

Halo Infinite armor set343 Industries

Halo Infinite appears to be ending a popular tradition in the FPS franchise as early leaks have confirmed the campaign won’t feature unlockable armor sets to use in multiplayer.

There was nothing quite like seeing a Hayabusa Spartan in the wild in Halo 3. In previous entries, Halo fanatics could load into multiplayer with unique looks thanks to their accomplishments in the campaign.

Whether it was finishing a game on Legendary difficulty, finding every hidden skull, or completing every achievement on Xbox, some of the toughest challenges came with the most prestigious rewards.

That trend now appears to be coming to an end in Halo Infinite. Early leaks have revealed every campaign reward on offer, and exclusive armor sets are nowhere to be found.

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Halo Infinite online multiplayer343 Industries
Halo Infinite’s campaign still provides a chance to earn unique cosmetics in multiplayer, but don’t expect any armor.

Scattered across Infinite’s open-world style map are 34 Mjolnir Armor Lockers. Each of which contains something for players to bring with them into multiplayer. Dataminers were able to sift through Infinite’s code as early as November 21 to see exactly what’s in these Armor Lockers.

Rewards range from Rare to Legendary in terms of their quality, though no unique pieces of armor are available. Instead, these items include various other cosmetics from weapon emblems and charms to vehicle coatings.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for Halo’s hardcore fanbase to respond with their frustrations. After already lashing out at a ‘money-hungry’ cosmetic system, many believe this explains the lack of campaign armor sets.

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“Why would we not get Chief’s armor for doing the campaign?” one player asked on Reddit. “I know why, so they can sell it down the road.”

“I got excited for the leaks finding armor caches in the campaign,” another said. But upon sifting through the 34 cosmetic rewards, their “excitement [was] flipped upside down.”

It’s worth mentioning that there’s still a slim chance things can change ahead of launch. We’ve got a few weeks to go until Infinite’s campaign goes live on December 8, and perhaps a few armor sets may be added in at the last minute.

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Moreover, there could still be some tough challenges with their own rewards yet to be revealed. Perhaps those that dare to play Legendary on day one will have their own armor sets after all. We’ll be sure to keep you posted right here as further details emerge.