xQc offers Rockstar eye-popping amount of money to play GTA 6 early

Michael Gwilliam
xqc pays rockstar for early gta 6 copy

Twitch icon Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is as hyped as everyone about playing GTA 6 and revealed the amount he’d pay to get his hands on Rockstar’s upcoming title early.

The first GTA 6 trailer was officially released on December 4, one day ahead of its planned reveal, after it was leaked ahead of time, confirming that GTA VI will launch in 2025.

With two years to go until the game is finally in our hands, xQc wants to get a chance to play it early and revealed the extent he’d go to get a copy ahead of time.

During a recent broadcast, xQc was asked about GTA 6 and announced that he’d use some of his $100M Kick contract if it meant he could obtain the most anticipated game of all time.

xQc offers $1M to play GTA 6 just one day early

According to Lengyel, after waiting over ten years to play GTA 6, he’d go as far as spending $1M to get the game.

“Bro, I’d probably pay like a mil to get it a day early,” he said. “I’d give a mil. Boom. Straight up. Buy that sh*t.”

xQc isn’t the only big streamer who is willing to fork over a huge amount of cash for the opportunity to play the next Grand Theft Auto ahead of time.

Last month, Kick star Adin Ross said he would pay $500,000 to play GTA 6 and later claimed that he was actually in the game and would show up in the next trailer.

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