xQc waiting room Twitch channel is more popular than most streamers

. 9 months ago
xqcow waiting room
Twitch, xQcOW/xQcOW_Waiting_Room

One of the highest followed streamers on Twitch, Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, has a very dedicated community. They’re so dedicated that they have created a waiting room channel to hang out while he’s offline. 

Gaining his popularity from being a professional Overwatch player, xQc now showcases a wide variety of games like GTA RP, Jump King, and more to his 9.2 million followers on Twitch.

With such a massive following, he’s formed quite the devoted community called the ‘Juicers.’

The xQc waiting room is growing rapidly

Some of his fans have taken things up a notch by creating a Twitch channel that allows them to hang out on the platform while the creator is offline.

Created at the end of 2020, the xQcOW_waiting_room live streams didn’t seem to start gaining traction until January 2021 when it saw its first few viewers, according to analytics website sullygnome.

xQcow_waiting_room average viewers
xQcOW_waiting_room has reached a peak of over 300 viewers at one time according to Sullygnome.com

Starting their stream as soon as xQc goes offline and presumably ending it when he goes online, the channel rapidly grew in popularity after its first couple of months.

Starting by playing the popular interactive game Marbles on Stream, it saw roughly 350 average viewers during its peak stream in February 2021 compared to less than 50 viewers the month before.

Within a year, the waiting room has surpassed the majority of streamers on the platform in views as it is ranked 14,977 in views out of 107,281 total streamers.

By the end of April, the unknown channel creator decided to change things up a bit and switch the stream to Just Chatting, likely making the change to the sound of rain soundtrack that it is now.

Since experiencing a huge spike at the beginning of 2021, the waiting room has amassed an insane 37,000 followers. With that number, it has achieved over 870,000 views, over 380,000 hours watched, and almost 6,000 hours streamed on the platform.

Whether or not xQc consistently follows along with the action inside the waiting room is a mystery, but he would be delighted to know his community has bonded together like this.

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