Summit1g picks the wrong fight in GTA RP NoPixel and gets knocked out cold

summit1g playing gta rp at the prisonsummit1g, twitch

Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar is one of the biggest streamers to roam around the GTA RP world in the NoPixel server, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best fighter – and he found out the hard way. 

The variety streamer is always mixing up the games he plays on Twitch, from some of his past favorites like Sea of Thieves to GTA RP more recently.

One of the common jokes made about his character, Charles Johnson, is his performances in races, or just on the road in general.

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However, during his August 3 stream, fans discovered life at the wheel is not Chawa’s only weakness. Unlike the likes of Jason Statham and Keanu Reeves in some of their action films, Johnson doesn’t have it in him to throw hands with multiple opponents.

gta 5 player in prisonRockstar Games
You don’t want to mess with people that end up in the GTA RP prison – and Summit1g found out the hard way.

During the live stream, the leader of the 1G Squad found himself on the receiving end of some trash-talking, near the Prison.

In true Summit1g style, the streamer decided to confront the player – saying: “Woah, this guy is talking sh*t. What up, bi**h?”

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Soon after, he started throwing punches (most of which were missed at the beginning), to the pleasure of people in the chat watching along. Not many of them would have been expecting to find themselves in an impromptu virtual fight stream, but there they were.

Watch Summit1g get knocked out in GTA RP

After landing the first blow, the trash-talker’s backup came flying on the scene. “Ughhh, they’re ganging on me!” he screamed, before trying to flee the scene.

Seconds later, he was blindsided by a heavy dig – knocking him out cold.

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While the brawl was initially a two versus two situation, it just goes to show that you never really know what’s around the corner in GTA RP’s NoPixel server.

After being told he was down for around 300 seconds, the streamer – based on his facial expression – knew he’d messed up. Maybe next time, he won’t even try it.

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