Simple GTA Online trick lets players increase food storage

Bill Cooney
GTA Online extra snacks health restore

GTA Online players have discovered a clever way to increase the amount of food they’re able to stash thanks to one simple trick.

Food and snacks can be a literal lifesaver in GTA Online but there’s only a finite amount you can carry at a time.

That’s why a new trick that’s been discovered by players could be very handy, especially if you hate stocking up on supplies all the time.

How to get extra snacks in GTA Online

Normally there’s a set limit on the number of snacks you can buy and hold at one time in GTA. However, the post above by user ‘OnlyLosersPlayFair’ exposes a trick to increase the amount you can carry.

“You can do it by pressing ‘take all’ button at your assistant’s desk and then buying one more by pressing enter,” they explain. “It will let you buy it despite saying ‘FULL.'”

It’s not the biggest boost but it does let you restore a little more health on the fly. Not only that, other players replied with other tips on how to make the most of GTA Online’s snacks.

GTA 5 gameplay
Your GTA Online characters aren’t really themselves unless they’re on a full stomach.

For instance, if you want to chow down quicker than normal you can eat while aiming with a weapon. This is much faster than going through the eating animation.

You can avoid the eating animation if you use snacks in a car, in cover, running, or swimming as well.

One extra snack of each type might not be a ton, but it could be just enough to survive against those frustrating Oppressor trolls plaguing a lobby.

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