Genius GTA Online trick lets players survive massive falls

A screenshot of a parachute character in GTA Online.Rockstar Games

GTA Online players have found an ingenious trick to survive falling and take no damage whatsoever, so here’s how to do it.

The severs of GTA Online are constantly full of players just looking for someone’s day to ruin. Armed with powerful weapons and futuristic vehicles, it can be annoying having to evade them.

Thankfully, if you need to bail out of an aircraft to avoid an explosive end, players have discovered a valuable trick for survival.

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With a few easy steps, you can avoid taking damage after falling from a great height.

GTA online players parachutingRockstar Games
You wouldn’t want to get caught flying high in the sky when the Oppressor is around.

Incredible GTA Online trick is a game-changer

While most of GTA Online’s action takes place on the streets of Los Santos, you’ll eventually find yourself airborne. If you’re under attack from players in fighter jets or using the Oppressor, these simple steps from Reddit user u/aboodfromdiscord could get you out of danger in a pinch.

Here’s what you need to do, to pull off this awesome discovery:

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  1. Acquire a parachute (available from Ammu-Nation)
  2. Travel to a high altitude in any aircraft or capable vehicle
  3. Get out of the vehicle and immediately deploy your parachute
  4. Aim and guide your character towards a body of water, then press triangle to enable ragdoll physics
  5. Upon hitting the water, using the ragdoll physics should allow you to survive the impact

It is unclear whether this unintentional feature will be patched in the future, but for now, we recommend making the most out of it. GTA Online is set to receive a major content update, featuring the return of Dr.Dre and new business additions.

However, the mixed reception and chaotic launch of the GTA Definitive Edition remasters has shifted Rockstar’s focus into patching up the game.

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