Rockstar under fire for ‘ignoring’ rampant GTA Online cheaters

GTA Online characters doing a drive-by in a lowriderRockstar Games

Popular Grand Theft Auto YouTuber TGG has taken aim at Rockstar Games for not acting on rampant cheaters in GTA Online, especially when it comes to the PC version.

Just like many other multiplayer games, GTA Online has had its fair share of issues with cheaters in the past, with everything from money cheats to god mode hacks appearing at one point or another.

Some of the hacks have been a little disruptive – such as giving players random hats, putting a guitar on their back, or turning them into a giant bouncy ball – but they can still be annoying for players.

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While Rockstar Games have shut down a few modding websites that sold GTA Online cheats, it’s still common to drop into a session and have it interrupted in some form. Though, it appears they aren’t doing much about the complaints.

GTA Online character inside a ballReddit: N_Lotus
GTA Online modders can turn players into anything – including balls.

Aussie YouTuber TGG noted that they tried to get help from Rockstar Support after running into cheaters in PC lobbies, but their only solution was simply to just find a new lobby.

The YouTuber, who has close to a million subs, claimed that hackers are able to brute force their way into PC private lobbies, which makes it impossible to avoid them. Though, Rockstar isn’t doing anything about it unlike their counterparts in Epic Games and others.

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“When people who have paid $60 for your game and continue to pay money through Shark Cards and support this game long-term, and you just completely ignore them when they’re having issues, especially with a common issue like cheating, that in 2021 should be somewhat easy to fix, when issues like that you’re just completely silent about, it just make everyone in the community feel absolutely worthless,” he said.

As noted, the iconic game devs have cracked down on some cheat sellers, but a quick search will bring up plenty more who still exist.

Just like other games have found, it can be ultra-difficult to root hackers out for good – as players will find a way to use cheats if they really want to.

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While a robust anti-cheat will not be on the table, players will be hoping that the devs crackdown in some ways, potentially taking more notice to reports rather than brushing off complaints.