GTA Online hackers are ruining lobbies with bizarre God Mode exploits

GTA Online character inside a ballReddit: N_Lotus

GTA Online players have found that a number of hackers are handing out God Mode exploits but completely ruining their sessions in the meantime. 

Even though GTA Online is almost a decade old, players have been flooding to Los Santos in recent weeks after Epic Games gave Grand Theft Auto V away for free to PC players.

As a result, the multiplayer side of GTA V is as populated as ever – even though these new players are low levels and just getting started. However, with the game being given away for free, an influx of hackers have also been making themselves known by rolling out some hilarious, yet annoying, exploits.

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Rockstar Games
Players have been flooding to GTA Online since GTA V went free on Epic.

In the case of Reddit user N_Lotus, they noted that they were recently turned into an orange ball by a hacker. The Redditor claimed that they were minding their own business inside their Arcade when their appearance suddenly changed. 

Plenty of players pointed out that the exploit wasn’t exactly a bad thing as the orange ball represented a God Mode hack where you can’t be killed by bullets. However, on the flip side of things, you can’t really do much else but roll around Los Santos when you are an orange ball.

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The Redditor explained how they were turned into the orange ball.

Obviously, having hacks dropped on your player can be a cause of concern – especially if Rockstar decides to roll out an automatic ban wave for cheaters in the near future.

However, if this cruel and unusual fate falls upon you while playing GTA Online, you don’t have to worry about your future games being ruined as well. Simply quit out of your game and head to story mode.

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By waiting for a few minutes inside story mode, you’ll be able to rejoin GTA Online and return to your normal self within a few minutes.

If you jump away from the hacks quickly, the Rockstar servers might not register the fact that your character has been infected by exploit and you might be alright when it comes to cheating bans later in the year.

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