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Rockstar could be testing GTA 6 missions & cars in GTA Online

Published: 26/Sep/2020 11:18

by Calum Patterson


Some GTA Online players, who are eagerly awaiting the release of the next game in the series, presumably GTA 6, believe Rockstar may actually be testing features for the new game, particularly around vehicles.

Of course, at this stage, this is all speculation, but players have noted two key features about the vehicles added to GTA Online that make them think it’s in preparation for GTA 6.

The theory goes that since around 2017, Rockstar has been making vehicles increasingly detailed, especially the interiors, as well as improving their physics and destructibility.

“If you check the interior of cars from 2017 until now, all of them are very detailed compared to cars from the beginning of the game,” one fan writes. “So this means vehicles are going to be a lot better than GTA 5.”


Yellow Tigon in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
The Lampadati Tigon in GTA Online

For a specific example, the GTA Online player said: “I’ve noticed that Lampadati Tigon (new car from the previous update) is also very destructive when you crash it. This might be applicable to other cars as well but I haven’t noticed it yet.”

The player also says that the newer vehicles added to GTA Online have much more detailed engines. Their theory is also supported by another speculative post on GTA Forums back in 2019, which reads:

“The first DLC I thought that the cars were seemingly higher quality in their details and interiors was Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit. That DLC was released in March of 2017, by that time I think GTA VI would have been in production to some extent, at least enough to know what types of cars they might want it to include.”


This player believes that “a lot of the relatively recent GTA Online DLC cars were created with GTA VI in mind.”

GTA 6 mission styles tested in GTA Online?

GTA Online Diamond Casino heist poster
Rockstar Games
The Casino Heist is less ‘linear’ that missions found in GTA V single-player.

But, it’s not just cars that Rockstar could be testing out in GTA Online, in preparation for the next game. The theorist also believes that a more ‘non-linear’ mission style is being employed for GTA VI, and the Casino Heist in GTA Online could be the first example of this.

“The missions are also going to be a lot more nonlinear than GTA 5 and RDR2,” the player says. “Casino Heist is great evidence of it. There isn’t a ‘mission failed’ in the heist. If you alert the enemies, you can just shoot them down and continue the heist normally (if you or your teammates die then the mission will restart). I believe it was structured in this way to see our reaction and feedback of such missions.”


This certainly isn’t the first time that GTA Online players think they’ve spotted teasers and hints about a new Grand Theft Auto game either.