Major GTA Online glitch is completely ruining Diamond Casino heist

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Sep 21, 2020
GTA online characters inside the casino vault
Rockstar Games

GTA Online players have been running into a pretty major bug with the Diamond Casino Heist that takes away pretty much all of their potential payouts. 

While there are a plethora of ways to make money in GTA Online, there is nothing quite as lucrative as the different heists. Players will invest a tonne of time, and a bit of money as well, in order to scoop up big rewards.

These heists vary from breaking someone out of prison, taking part in a run of the mill bank job, and even busting down the doors of the Diamond Casino and plundering some sort of special loot.

The latter of these examples, the Casino heist, is the most lucrative in the game. However, there is a major problem that sees players not take home the correct amount of cash. 

Rockstar Games
The Diamond Casino heist can be tricky to navigate.

It cropped up at the start of September, with players reporting that the difficulty of their heist would change mid-robbery and when it comes to the end, they’d either have nothing or way below their normal payout. 

As Reddit user HolgerTM pointed out, even though the payouts are set so everyone gets a fair cut, sometimes this is as low as $8,000 from a $2,200,000 haul. 

The finale screen also apparently bugs out and instead of the celebrations seen from heisting the Casino, players are shown a normal mission screen with a smaller breakdown of what they completed. 

GTA Online mission end screen
Reddit: HolgerTM
The finale screen even bugs out for this Casino heist problem.

They aren’t the only player to experience the problem either. Others have reported that they’ve seen it happen in other heists, though some get lucky and avoid problems. 

According to maverick_dude46, there are a few key things to keep an eye on as to when the problem could occur. 

These include the free mode symbols showing up on your map mid heist as well as both the take and lives remaining appearing as zero when you exit the casino. Though, there might be others.

Some players have suggested that submitting a support ticket with Rockstar Games can actually help your cause and they will reimburse you. 

Though, the devs might just have to roll out a game update if the problems persist and become even more widespread.