Rockstar parent Take-Two finally respond to GTA 5 map mod takedowns

GTA Vice City mod in GTA 5 with new carYouTube: DubStepZz/Rockstar

Take-Two, the publishers behind Rockstar Games’ iconic GTA franchise have responded to the recent takedown of GTA 5 map mods amid rumors about GTA Online expansions and a potential GTA 6 reveal.

Just like every other game out there, GTA fans have been taking Rockstar Games’ offerings and modding them to their heart’s content.

With no announcement of GTA 6 in sight, GTA 5 has become prime modding ground for some, even using the game to recreate Vice City, San Andreas, and even Bully.

Rockstar and Take-Two have come under fire in recent weeks for taking down some of the most popular map mods around without much warning and staying rather quiet on the matter. However, that has changed.

YouTube: DubStepZz/Rockstar
Take-Two have shut down mods like an updated Vice City map using GTA 5.

With the mods being taken down, many fans pointed to the possibility that the devs and their publishers are protecting their IP in preparation for the long-rumored GTA Trilogy remake.

Well, during the Take-Two investor’s call on August 2, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick was quizzed on the matter and finally addressed the takedowns.

“We’re pretty flexible but we’ll issue takedowns if the economy is threatened or if there is bad behavior,” told investors, again, adding further fuel to the notion that Rockstar and Take-Two are preparing to release something big using the old games.

As for an announcement about what Rockstar has in the pipeline, as usual, Zelnick didn’t budge. He’s said previously that announcements will be made by the developers, not Take-Two.

Take-Two did reveal that there is a yet-to-be-announced title in the works for the current financial year, but again, they’re keeping the cards close to their chest. So, we’ll have to just wait and see.