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Is a GTA 6 reveal coming in November? Fans tie together multiple new leaks

Published: 15/Oct/2021 20:50

by Michael Gwilliam


GTA 6 fans desperate for Rockstar Games to finally announce the long-awaited title have begun combing through past leaks for a sign and they seem to have an interesting case for a November reveal.

It’s no secret that GTA 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games of all time and, despite Rockstar not yet announcing the title, there have been numerous leaks, many of which have been proven false.

Interestingly, however, a few more recent leaks and discoveries are being tied together by fans, suggesting that a reveal could actually be right around the corner.

As always, take these theories with a grain of salt, but there may very well be something to them.


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Rockstar Games
Fans are hungry for GTA 6 news.

GTA 6 fans connect recent leaks

One of the more interesting discoveries comes from Red Dead Redemption 2, where YouTuber Strange Man showcased how a letter in the game was a symbolic, meta take at Rockstar’s relationship with Take-Two along with Sam and Dan Houser.

To summarize, the theory suggests that Dan telling Sam to slow down with GTA 6 and take some time with it, because of how well GTA 5 was doing financially.

The letter in the game was dated November 24 and the interesting thing is that it’s just one day after another recent leak claims Rockstar will reveal GTA 6.

In a leak that contains a new logo and information pertaining to an announcement, the leaker wrote that Rockstar will finally announce the game on November 23.


Fans on Twitter pointed this out and while it may just be a coincidence, it’s an interesting one to say the least.

“This could just be a coincidence but look what I found 1 day off,” Twitter user Xtra wrote.

“I hope this is true,” a fellow GTA fan replied.

More GTA 6 November leaks

This isn’t the only leak claiming GTA 6 will be revealed in November either. As Dexerto reported, an Instagram news page claimed “GTA 6 will be announced Nov-Dec and will take place in Miami.”

The leak also stated that there would be hurricanes in the map and it would evolve, similar to Fortnite’s map.


GTA 6 job listing
Rockstar Games
Could GTA 6 really have hurricanes?

A recent Rockstar job posting even hinted that its next game will feature “large scale” destruction with skyscrapers crashing to the ground.

Whether or not we actually end up seeing GTA 6 announced in November remains to be seen, but with so many leaks suggesting it will, fans could be in for some huge news.