GTA 6 map: “International” location hint uncovered in Rockstar job listing

. 8 months ago
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Grand Theft Auto’s passionate fans have become experts in digging up clues or hints during their wait for a GTA 6 release date, and they might have just made a big discovery in a Rockstar Games job listing. Another GTA 6 map hint has been uncovered. 

One of the most long-standing theories in the game’s community has been a potential move to an international location, with a few places in South America touted in previous leaks.

With Cayo Perico taking GTA Online players to the coast of Colombia, as well as the GTA Trilogy Remastered going back to Vice City and San Andreas, rumors have cooled about different locations of late.

However, the rumor mill is back and it’s turning as fast as ever after some details were revealed on Rockstar’s official website.

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GTA Trilogy Remastered takes players back to some famous locations, but where will GTA 6 be set?

GTA 6 map location could be “international”

In October 2021, the studio put out a job advert for a Photogrammetry Artist in Toronto, with hints that have fueled further speculation about the next setting.

For those who don’t know already, a Photogrammetry Artist’s key responsibility when working on video game projects is usually to scan real-life objects and create 3D models. This can also be used to create entire landscapes to appear just as it does in real life, which could be a hint at Rockstar’s interest in taking GTA 6 to another city.

It states in the job description: “Discuss and plan possible scan locations with Art Team, both local and international.”

gta 6 job ad
Rockstar Games
Could this job advert be our first hint at a GTA 6 international location?

The job post also says the successful candidate will have “drone flying experience and qualifications,” which is common in this type of role for scanning large areas.


Since the discovery was made, fans on Reddit have been discussing the possibility of the series moving away from the United States with the next installment. Not all of them are convinced, however.

One user posted: “It’s Rockstar Toronto hiring, so in Canada. GTA (and Red Dead) take place in the US, so if it’s on-location scans for terrain or buildings, that would be in the US (so in another country, or international, for someone in Canada).”

Another said: “This is a method Microsoft used for Flight Simulator 2020.”

What can be concluded is that this goes nowhere in terms of forming a solid link between the GTA 6 project, rumored to be underway without an announcement, and any specific international locations just yet.

While players should take every hint with a pinch of salt, though, you just never know.

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