GTA Online: Franklin & Michael actors tease appearance in new heist

Michael and Franklin from GTA VRockstar Games

The voice actors behind Grand Theft Auto V’s Michael and Franklin have teased the possibility of their characters appearing in GTA Online’s next heist. But, will it happen? 

Back on July 24, Rockstar Games confirmed that they have another GTA Online heist in the works – with players getting to experience an “entirely new location.”

Since that announcement, speculation has run wild about where this robbery might take place. Some fans have suggested that the developers might bring back Vice City or San Andreas. Others have wild fantasies about a random, new island.

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While it seems as if it’ll actually be happening in the middle of Los Santos, the voice actors behind Michael and Franklin have already registered their interest in getting involved by teasing their potential appearance.

GTA Online characters during a heist.YouTube: DoILookFat
Different heists in GTA Online provide different stories.

The speculation behind the two characters appearing stems all the way back to one of their Instagram lives from April. The pair discussed GTA 6 and while they don’t believe it’s in the works, they did say they want to be involved with GTA Online.

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“Oh yeah, that would be fun. I would love to be one of the guys who send you out the missions, yeah,” said Ned Luke, the voice of Michael. 

“I heard they had something coming up with us to do that, so, wait and see,” added Shawn Darnell Fonteno, the voice behind Franklin, however, Ned commented that he “hadn’t heard that.”

With the video hitting social media after the new heist announcement, it has sparked some speculation. However, the pair do regularly joke about their involvement with future GTA related projects, so it very well could be them just having fun with fans. 

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It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility though. Plenty of GTA V single-player characters have played a role in GTA Online, with Trevor even being a part of a heist himself.

We’ll just have to wait and see as to what Rockstar has up their sleeve once the new heist is finally unveiled.

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