GTA Online patch finally tackles remote hacking exploits on PC

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The latest GTA Online patch finally tackles issues related to remote hacking exploits that affect the game’s PC version.

Hacking has long impacted Grand Theft Auto Online’s PC community. However, things took a turn for the worst late last year when remote crash and kick exploits became the norm.

The issue popped up after a weekly update, allowing hackers who weren’t even in the same session as their target to kick users out of their game.

PC players received another warning in January 2023, as a “remote code execution” exploit had the potential to corrupt data and impact the function of PCs. Hopefully, a new update from Rockstar rids GTA Online of the problem.

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Remote exploits on PC snuffed out in GTA Online patch

Rockstar Games has unleashed GTA V’s Title Update 1.66 on PC to specifically tackle security-related issues plaguing GTA Online.

Most importantly, Update 1.66 fixes an issue that permitted third parties to modify a user’s GTA Online experience by “altering GTA$ balance, RP level, Bad Sport status, and other player stats.” In addition, third parties should no longer be able to manipulate players with crash and kick exploits.

The new update further implements a data protocol that “improve[s] the security of network sessions and player-to-player messaging.”

It’s worth noting that these measures won’t eliminate cheating outright. The update keeps hackers from using exploits in invite-only sessions, yet GTA Online’s PC users will still encounter typical instances of cheating from time to time.

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At the very least, 1.66 marks a step in the right direction for those who’ve been battling crash and kick exploits for the last several weeks.