Rockstar may have already revealed new location for GTA Online heist

GTA Online characters discussing a heistRockstar Games

Some Grand Theft Auto Online fans believe they’ve uncovered the “entirely new location” that has been teased for the upcoming new heist. 

While there are certainly plenty of activities to do and earn money from in GTA Online, the best and most exciting comes in the form of heists. Currently, players are able to steal from banks and even the Diamond Casino, but Rockstar have confirmed that there is more to come.

On July 24, the Grand Theft Auto developers confirmed that a summer update – despite being late compared to previous years – is still in the works but a brand new heist is likely to feature later in the year.  

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Rockstar noted that this will be in an “entirely new location,” but some players think that the devs might have already planted a few clues under everyone’s noses. 

Car parking in GTA OnlineRockstar Games
Some players believe this announcement photo from Rockstar may hold clues about the next heist.

The speculation comes from Reddit user that-guy-Ri, who pointed out that the photo of a new car used in the developer’s announcement about the update appears to tease the next heist spot. 

However, instead of being whisked away to Vice City, Las Venturas, Liberty City, or even North Yankton, it appears as if the heist might actually be going down in the middle of Los Santos.

The Redditor noted that the car, which is sitting at the top of a hill in West Vinewood, is looking towards the area where the FIB building, that is actually used in some of the single-player story heists, sits. Though, it is the other buildings around it that are seemingly of interest – ones that have been being built ever since GTA Online started.

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Screenshot of a Reddit threadScreenshot via Reddit
The new car image may hold the key to GTA’s next heist.

Of course, this is purely speculation on behalf of the Redditor, but other players have come around to the line of thinking – believing that Rockstar are just going to drop new buildings to explore, heist, and even own. 

It very much remains to be seen if Rockstar decides to whisk players away to a new area – say, an island with a heist on – or if it’ll just be new buildings that have never been explorable. 

We’ll just have to wait and see.