Rockstar punish GTA Online players abusing Casino chips money exploit

Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games have laid down the law and finally addressed the casino chip glitch that had been letting players rack up millions of dollars in GTA Online. 

In the vast world of GTA Online, you need cash to do pretty much anything. You can grind out jobs and races for hours on end in the hopes of getting a few hundred thousand dollars, but getting all the way up to big money levels takes some serious time and dedication.

In a bid to bypass this grind, and also avoid buying Shark Cards with real money, players have used a handful of glitches to get what they want. The most recent, the casino chip transfer exploit, had been letting GTA Online players rack up millions upon millions of dollars, but now Rockstar has clamped down.

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Rockstar GamesRockstar Games
GTA Online players can make some serious cash with the in-game casino.

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The Grand Theft Auto developers have started rolling out account wipes and bans for players who are found falling foul of this glitch. 

If you have had a reset on your GTA Online profile, you’ll be greeted with an in-game alert notifying you of the changes to your account and character – with your Maze Bank balance either seeing a huge chunk missing or being completely reset, leaving you without any money. 

Anyone who escaped a ban on their account, though, could receive one further down the line. Rockstar’s support page addressing the casino chip glitch noted that further abuse will result in a suspension or permanent ban. 

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Screenshot via Rockstar Games
Players who fall foul of further exploits could be permanently banned.

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However, some players who claim to have not used the exploit have reported that they have been deducted some cash, so you mind find that your bank balance isn’t as healthy as it once was. Though, you can get some of that back by playing at any point in May for a free $500,000.

Plenty of exploits similar to the casino chip transfer one still remain in GTA Online, so we could see a wider crackdown by Rockstar in the near future if players continue to rack up millions upon millions.