GTA Online apartment exploit patched but players have found a workaround

Connor Bennett
The inside of a GTA Online apartment

A Grand Theft Auto Online player has found a workaround for the recently patched apartment duplication glitch, though, the steps are pretty extensive. 

While the majority of GTA Online players are grinders – completing missions, playing for hours on end, and taking advantage of all the double money rewards – some players do decide to bend the rules by using glitches and exploits.

This can go as far as using God Mode hacks to troll a session or just duplicating items – be it money, casino chips, or even cars. For money, in the past, has come through the apartment transfer glitch but a recent background update from Rockstar got rid of it.

However, some players have already put their heads together and figured out a way to get around it, opening up the possibility of duplicating money through different apartments once again.

Rockstar Games
GTA players have been using apartments to duplicate money.

The lengthy workaround was pointed out by Claw 7K, who noted that what they’d found was working for PlayStation 4 users, but there were other methods for PC and Xbox users might be on the outside looking in. 

Compared to the four or five steps of the previous workarounds, the YouTuber had fifteen steps to follow with a lot of it centering around dropping into story mode, pausing the application, and following some patterns with pressing certain buttons on the controllers. 

The GTA Online fan also noted that it was a “semi-solo” method as you only need to join one random player during one of the steps. 

Some players noted that it also worked on PC and ended up rewarding them with around $3,000,000 each time. Though, as the Rockstar servers took a little bit of a dip on July 17, they were prevented from testing it any further.

Rockstar has been sniffing out these workarounds and exploits with small updates to GTA Online, but there is no way of telling if this one will hang around or if they’ll patch it soon enough with a ban wave like the Casino Chip glitch.

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