Rockstar finally addresses GTA Online exploit corrupting game data

GTA Online's Los Santos is the main locale for chaos.Rockstar Games/OhhCurly

Rockstar has updated the community on the newest GTA Online exploit that is allowing nefarious actors to corrupt the game data of other players, effectively deleting their characters.

GTA Online’s hacker problem has been worse than ever since the start of the year thanks to this brand-new exploit, but Rockstar says they have a plan in place to take care of it.

While it started off with innocent Los Santos denizens getting hit with bad sport penalties and being stuck in ‘griefer’ lobbies, things eventually escalated to the point where players were reportedly losing their game data with no way to restore their hours of hard work.

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Rockstar Games addresses major GTA Online exploit

The update came on the evening of January 23, with GTA devs confirming that they’re working on a security solution.

“We are aware of potential new exploits in GTA Online for PC, which we aim to resolve in an upcoming planned security-related Title Update,” they reassured players.

For the time being, they’ve asked anyone who has been affected to contact them through the RSG Support page and provide details about the experience. “If you think you might have experienced any related issues, please reach out to Rockstar Support.”

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This follows a previous report from GTA insider TezFunz2 who claimed that this matter had moved to the top of the development team’s priority list.

They also went on to explain that if the current suspicion of the “exploit” being a Remote Code Execution is correct that it could signal bigger problems for Rockstar, including legal action from players who end up with corrupted data or bigger PC issues as a result.

There’s no word on exactly what the devs are doing to combat this situation, but we’ll have the latest updates as more details emerge.

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