Lirik roasts angry xQc fan after arresting streamer in GTA RP

Lirik xQcTwitch: LIRIK/Twitch: xQcOW/Rockstar Games

An angry fan of Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel entered Saqib ‘Lirik’ Zahid’s stream and asked him why he arrested the streamer during a GTA RP play session. It’s fair to say Lirik’s response was nothing short of hilarious.

Roleplaying content has become hugely popular on Twitch over the past four months with the rise of the OfflineTV Rust servers and now, GTA RP on the NoPixel server.

With so many massive streamers playing and interacting with each other, the gameplay is always hilarious and something interesting is always going on. With the likes of Summit, Lirik, and xQc all on the same server, it’s no surprise they often run into each other.

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It’s these moments that make GTA RP so fun as so many big Twitch personalities are altogether in a single world. Of course, with everybody’s characters playing different roles in the NoPixel world, not everyone is on the same side as Lirik demonstrated by roasting an xQc fan.

GTA RPRockstar Games
NoPixel players all have their own custom character in the world that they play and voice.

Lirik roasts xQc fan live on stream

As any Twitch fan will know, as xQc is so popular on the platform, he has an extremely dedicated set of fans. Unfortunately, this means they can things a little too seriously and that’s exactly what happened on Lirik’s stream on March 2.

While streaming GTA RP, Lirik has been roleplaying as a police officer a lot and happened to arrest xQc for speeding in a vehicle. Although a seemingly normal encounter for a police officer and a criminal, one xQc fan was clearly frustrated that Lirik arrested him and donated asking why he had done it.

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Lirik’s responded by roasting the fan and providing a simple explanation on why xQc had to be arrested.

“What are you asking me right now man? From what you’re asking me I feel the thirteen-year-old inside you, like I feel like there’s so much attached to those five f***ing words, it’s not just like a simple question.”

Lirik even finished off the roast with an easy-to-understand explanation why as a police officer, he had to arrest the speeding xQc. “When daddy drives very fast, away from police officers in real life, daddy go to jail,” he hilariously added.

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Although Lirik decided to roast the xQc fan on stream there was no bad blood between them and it was all intended as a joke.

It certainly made for a funny moment and acted as a warning to any future angry xQc fans lurking in Liriks’s chat.