How to get your GTA Online character summary & stats

Connor Bennett
GTA Online character in suit stood in elevator

GTA Online players now have the chance to get a character summary from Rockstar Games that lets you see how much cash you’ve got stored if you can’t get into the game. 

It’s been almost ten years since GTA Online first launched, and players across the globe are still hard at work building their criminal empires through heists and other missions. 

Throughout the last decade, Rockstar Games has added a whole host of new content for players to exploit for ill-gotten gains, with the most recent being the Los Santos Drug Wars. The First Dose missions proved to be a bit of a hit, even if the overall update was slightly shallow. Though, more missions are expected.

That update gave us the new Acid Lab business to make even more stacks of cash. On top of that, you now have the chance to see how your character is getting on, even if you’re not in Los Santos. 

How to get your GTA 5 & GTA Online career stats

That’s right, if you’re unable to get into GTA Online but still want to flaunt just how much cash you’ve built up over the years, now you’ve got the chance to do so.

Rockstar’s Social Club has been updated so that when you log in and visit the GTA 5 side of things, you’ll now get a live look at your character. This will show just how much cash you’ve got banked, how much you have on your person, and what platform you last played on. 

This is on top of the career statistics that Social Club also tracks, which includes your stats from both the story mode and GTA Online. 

  1. Head over to Rockstar’s website
  2. Sign into your Social Club account
  3. Go over to the GTA 5 page
  4. Click on your profile in the top right-hand corner to see your stats!
A GTA Online summary of a character
This is the new summary that Rockstar gives when you’re logged into Social Club.

It might only be a small summary, but it’s handy enough if you need to show off to your friends when you don’t have access to GTA Online.

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