How to get Tesla’s Cybertruck in GTA V

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YouTube: FredWalkthrough

GTA fans have made the Tesla Cybertruck a reality already by modding it into the PC version of the game – with some hilarious takes on the vehicle.

The Cybertruck sparked some interesting online reactions following it’s reveal at the end of November. The futuristic-looking truck was branded “dumb” by Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, while Dr Disrespect claimed Elon Musk would have to gift him one, personally, for him to get behind the wheel.

While portions of the reveal may have become a meme, GTA V PC players have been quick to add the unique vehicle to their garages with the help of a few mods.

YouTube: Business Insider
The Cybertruck’s unique design has split opinion.

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GTA YouTuber Fred Walkthrough, who has shown off car mods for the uber-popular sandbox game in the past, showcased the new Cybertruck by taking it for a ride around Los Santos.

Now, it’s not completely accurate – that’s pretty hard to do due to the unique nature of the vehicle – but it’s a pretty good starting point anyway. The YouTuber, who worked on adding the mod himself, noted that it’s a work in progress but did hand over a link to one eager player who wanted it anyway – so it’ll be a case of commenting and asking as of now. 

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While the GTA versions of the new car are quite hilarious, it might just be the first taste of the vehicle entering the video gaming world.

Following the reveal back on November 22, Elon Musk tweeted out a photo of the Cybertruck, with Cyberpunk 2077 developer replying that they “had a deal.” As fans freaked out with excitement, Musk fired back with “See ya in 2077,” complete with a winking emoji.

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Of course, as of now, that’s complete speculation and it remains to be seen if it’ll happen – especially as the Cybertruck will be released a long time after fans have played Cyberpunk and probably some DLC.

For now, though, anyone who wants to cut through the wait for both games will just have to jump into GTA V and download the unique modification.

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