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How to get $1million for free in GTA Online right now

Published: 12/Nov/2020 16:56 Updated: 19/Nov/2020 15:43

by Andrew Highton


Extra money in GTA Online is never a bad thing and Rockstar has offered regulars a nice little incentive. So here’s a quick guide on how you can net yourself a cool $1 million for free in GTA Online just before Christmas.

As the years go on, so does Rockstar’s insistent commitment to delivering the best GTA Online content imaginable. Weekly updates are churned out that offer discounts, rewards, and the chance to land yourself a multi-million dollar car for free.

But Rockstar has now tried to encourage their playerbase to be very much active with the lure of free money. We’ll tell you how you can take advantage of this and make sure you don’t miss out on any funds for a nice, new Sports Car.


Here’s how to get $1 million for free in GTA Online.

breaking into a vault in gta online
Rockstar Games
Hopefully you’ll need to do this less in November.

Rockstar’s Challenge

In a message on the official Rockstar website, they have said: “Anybody who plays GTA Online at any point between now and November 18th will receive a special infusion bonus of GTA$, to the tune of $1, 000, 000”.

So you’ve got a week to make sure you log in and soak in the sights and sounds of GTA Online to ensure you net that cash.

Their statement continues: “Come back between November 19th and 25th to claim your GTA$1M – just in time to give your finances a nice boost before the holidays.”


It’s not like it’s a burden to GTA Online players either as Rockstar do keep updating the game. Diamonds, Zhaba Lucky Wheel, free cash are just some of the great new additions to GTA Online.

PS Plus owners now get $2 Million for free in November

Since GTA V was announced as getting a rerelease on next-gen, Rockstar said that any PS Plus members would get $1 Million for free if they logged in each month.

So basic mathematics would suggest it’s great news for PS Plus members as they’ll have themselves a merry Xmas moneywise.