GTA Trilogy fixes likely to cause delays for GTA Online updates

Grove Street gang in GTA San AndreasRockstar Games

Rockstar Games are seemingly putting a bigger focus on fixing the GTA Trilogy following its disastrous launch, and that could have a knock-on effect for GTA Online. 

When the GTA Trilogy remasters were first revealed, many Grand Theft Auto fans were overjoyed at having the chance to revisit GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas with updated graphics and technology.

However, the release of the Definitive Edition has been a bit of a disaster. Reviews from fans and critics alike have panned the remasters following a multitude of issues with graphics and changes to the classic games.

With players blasting Rockstar over bugs and strange character models – as well as a lack of refunds – the developers finally issued an apology about the state of the remasters on November 19. They’re now working on bigger changes, but that could have a knock-on effect for other things.

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GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Remastered San AndreasRockstar Games
All three remastered GTA titles have had a rocky launch.

The first big update for the three remasters was dropped on November 21, focusing on fixing a number of key complaints around character models, poor textures, and issues with missions failing out of the blue.

According to reliable Rockstar insider TezFun2, they have plans for more changes and are dedicating more resources to getting the remastered trilogy in order. Though, GTA and Red Dead Online’s updates may suffer as a result.

“Hearing from sources, Rockstar is allocating more resources and devs to assist with GTA Trilogy post-launch development (patches, fixes …etc),” Tez tweeted on November 23. “There’s a fair chance, release windows for GTAO & RDO updates might be pushed a bit further back than the usual timing.”

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The development of the remasters were handled by Grove Street Games, who had primarily made mobile games and ports previously. Rockstar could call upon their Rockstar Toronto, New England, and San Diego studios to assist with the remasters, given they’ve done console and PC ports before.

In terms of knocking back GTA and Red Dead Online updates, the next biggest update for each is likely the holiday update that comes in December.

GTA Online’s winter updates have typically involved adding snow and new clothes, nothing too big, but they have been dropping massive changes into RDR Online. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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