GTA San Andreas player finds Grove Street tag in real life

Brianna Reeves
gta grove street tag

A Grand Theft Auto player recently found a real-life Grove Street tag modeled after the graffiti featured in GTA San Andreas.

One of the many activities that players can explore in San Andreas is tagging, which involves spraying the mark of the Grove Street Family on various surfaces throughout the city.

Notably, these spray painting tasks help the family mark their territory. The original San Andreas and its 2021 remaster feature a grand total of 100 tags, with each one reading, “GROVE ST 4-LIFE.”

Given the game’s popularity and its recent return to the spotlight, it seems some have taken it upon themselves to ensure the Grove Street Family’s legacy lives on.

Grove Street tag found in real-life graffiti art by GTA fan

WadieXkiller recently shared a photo on Reddit of a Grove Street tag sprayed across a wall in the real world.

The tag isn’t green like those in Grand Theft: Auto San Andreas; however, there is no mistaking the artist’s inspiration.

With regards to where this GTA-inspired graffiti is located, the Reddit user did not say. The picture captured by the Redditor seems to do the art justice, though.

This doesn’t mark the first instance of GTA faithful stumbling across actual Grove Street 4 Life tags in the wild. Nearly a decade ago, Reddit user Investigate_THIS shared a similar image from their hometown.

Late last year, Power_main shared a photo of a Grove Street tag spray painted over another type of graffiti in Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar.

Of course, the true test of authenticity to the franchise would be for someone to spray paint at least 100 tags repping the Grove Street Family in one city.

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