GTA roleplayer receives death threat as result of in-game court case

Eli Becht
Rockstar Games

GTA RP has dominated Twitch for months now and some viewers take things a lot more serious than they need to, as evidenced by the death threat Judd received.

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For most viewers, GTA RP is something that’s just fun to watch but some take it a step further and make things personal.

Twitch streamer Judd, who roleplays a character named Judge Coyote, presided over a Chang Gang court case, a gang that has a strong fan following, and one fan took things really personal with how things went a sent a death threat to Judd. 

However, it wasn’t a death threat to Judge Coyote but was in actuality a threat to Judd himself. 

Judge Coyote presiding over a court case.
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This was no joke

Judd revealed he received a death threat in a candid discussion with his viewers.

“As far as any future Chang Gang cases … I will not be presiding on any of those,” he said. “Yesterday, I received a death threat over my verdict for the last one so I’m removing myself from the case altogether. It’s a game to me.”

When asked about the death threat from his chat, he confirmed it was a real-life threat.

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All the extra eyes on GTA RP have resulted in a mixed bag. Big streamers like Summit1g, Sodapoppin and LIRIK have brought many new fans over to the game, and many of them remained as viewers, despite some of the bigger streamers moving on.

While the majority of viewers have been enjoying the ride, there have been some instances of them being toxic in the community. 

GTA RP has taken Twitch by storm.

There was a situation with one RPer being bullied by Twitch streamer Greekgodx’s chat after the two interacted negatively in-game. This led players from Greek’s chat to go over to hers and say all sorts of rude things.

Twitch chat does have wholesome moments at times, but this was certainly not one of those situations.