xQc mocks crying female Twitch streamer after GTA roleplay goes sour

Virginia Glaze

Popular Twitch streamer Greekgodx was in the middle of a GTA V roleplaying stream when he encountered a female player, who played her role so well that he thought she was legitimately crying.

After stealing from the player and questioning if she were crying due to the altercation, viewers from Greek’s stream moved to her broadcast – where they ended up leaving some nasty messages.

Other top streamers discussed the issue on Trainwreck’s ‘Scuffed Podcast’ shortly thereafter, where Overwatch pro and Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel showed no sympathy for her plight.

In fact, xQc even mocked the player’s emotional response to the hate, after fellow streamer Trihex pointed out that she’d cried during a live broadcast.

“Trihex, you just made me cry, dude,” xQc argued. “You don’t get to make me cry. Holy shit!”

xQc wasn’t alone in his thoughts, either; streamer Jaycgee was in agreement, stating, “If that’s gonna make her cry, she needs to stay off the internet, because it’s gonna get way, way worse.”

“She should have enjoyed the free publicity,” streamer scxrlet64 concurred. “I’d be like, ‘Hi guys, yeah, I suck, okay!’”

The player in question, going by the handle ‘plumbobtv,’ apparently fumbled a “deal” between Greekgodx and another player, prompting him to steal from her.

While plumbob’s voice appeared to be shaking, she claimed that she was merely playing up her character, ‘Kim Sharp,’ – but it wasn’t long before her chat became overwhelmed with viewers from Greek’s channel.

“Why r u crying,” several users wrote, followed by incessant spam of the ‘Trihard’ emote.

Others accused her of being a stream sniper, and even called her “mentally unstable,” leading plumbob to cry during her broadcast.

Greekgodx later claimed that he didn’t “promote any of that shit” in regards to the chat’s infiltration of plumbob’s stream, accusing “random” GTA fans of going under the guise of his fanbase to harass the player.

“Anyone who’s going there and harassing has nothing to do with me,” Greek said of the debacle. “My fans don’t do that shit.”

Greek likewise apologized on camera to the player in question, reiterating that he never asked his chat to abuse her – and even placed his own chat in three-month sub mode in response to the madness.

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