Summit1g hits back at xQc claiming he “metagames” on NoPixel’s GTA RP server

xqc side-by-side with summit1gTwitch: xQc/Summit1G

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar hit back at Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel after the Canadian streamer accused him and his gang of metagaming in NoPixel’s GTA RP server. 

GTA RP has been back on top of Twitch following the launch of NoPixel’s 3.0 server, with tonnes of top streamers getting involved. 

While the RP is entertaining, there are plenty of viewers who try to ruin things by metagaming. This is where people bombard a streamers chat with pieces of information they don’t know – say the whereabouts of another player or how to buy a certain black market weapon.

It’s something that can ruin the RP experience, and while some players do metagame, there are plenty of baseless accusations throws around as well.

summit1g in gta rp nopixel serverRockstar / Summit
Summit has helped build up GTA RP on Twitch.

During his February 20 stream, xQc accused Summit of metagaming when his attempt to ruin the leader of the 1G squad’s day failed completely. 

The former Overwatch pro and other RP’ers set up a barricade to stop Summit driving through, and while it worked, Summit and his gang turned their weapons onto xQc – taking him down while he was behind the wheel of a truck. 

“I did not think they would shoot me,” xQc said. “This is cringe though. Guys, I rarely get into drama about getting mad but that is legitimately cringe that they meta’d though.”

The accusations made their way to Summit’s stream at a later stage, where he was chill about it on the whole – explaining that his RP will match how everyone else acts towards him. 

“How I see the whole thing is, you reap what you sow. If you’re going to mess with a whole group of racing people and you don’t, what do you expect?” He said. “We’re going to respect your RP as much as you respect ours there and that’s how it goes.”

One fan pointed out that xQc claimed he was going to metagame in response, prompting a laugh from Summit. “I don’t know what to tell you on that brother, I’ve thought the same things sometimes when I got my ass kicked from time to time. It’s a thought process your head goes through.”

Metagaming can earn bans from servers like NoPixel but unless there’s any solid proof that Summit meta’d, he’ll likely solider on as his Chawa character.

As for xQc, he has been banned before from RP servers, and might be headed for another timeout. We’ll just have to wait and see.