GTA Online’s Casino valet guy goes rogue in hilarious rampage

. 1 year ago
Diamond Casino
Rockstar Games

GTA Online’s latest update has brought the Cayo Perico heist to the game and players have been busy soaking up all the new content. However, one NPC could certainly do with a sunny break it seems. 

GTA Online’s world isn’t just filled with real-world players, it is also home to thousands of non-playable characters. These NPCs range from normal civilians, mission-specific characters, police officers, gang members, and hardworking shopworkers. Unfortunately, the average life expectancy for the game’s NPCs is on the low side, particularly when they happen to get in the way of our latest money-making schemes. 

Not only do Heist missions allow you to team up with your friends, but they also offer some pretty lucrative ways to earn money. However, it seems one computer-controlled character has finally had enough of being killed over and over again. You may want to be a little more careful around this valet driver. 

Whether you’re saving up for that next supercar or that shiny new weapon, Heists are always a great way to increase your in-game profits. The Diamond Casino & Resort is one of the more lavish places you can raid as part of the game’s adrenaline-fueled heist missions. It has its own dedicated staff and security on-site, making it a pretty hectic affair if you happen to get caught. 

However, one GTA Online player quickly found themselves at the mercy of the casino’s valet driver after the engaged NPC had seemingly snapped. After flipping the valet driver off the NPC opened the door and proceeded to chuck Ecahill453 out of their own vehicle. 

The valet driver angrily drove the bus away as the confused player lay on the sidewalk, leaving them to reflect upon what had just happened. It certainly not every day you see such a calm character snap, which makes this encounter even more hilarious.  

After watching this comedic ordeal, we’ll certainly be a lot warier around this specific NPC in future GTA Online Casino visits. 

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