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GTA Online update: SC1, x2 Casino Heist rewards, discounts, more

Published: 4/Jun/2020 10:21

by David Purcell


Rockstar Games have pushed out yet another GTA Online update and players jumping into the game can now see a whole load of new content has dropped in the game!

In recent weeks, we have seen everything from huge discounts on Issi cars – not to mention the Issi Classic landing on the GTA Casino podium – although this week, things have been given yet another shakeup.

There’s a lot to unpack from the update, as ever, so we’re going to run through everything that’s changed in the June 4 refresh, which included cars, new cash bonuses, and more! In the absence of official patch notes, though, we’re going off the word of reliable leaker TezFunz2.

GTA Online June 4 update patch notes: What’s changed?

New Lucky Wheel rewards: Ubermacht SC1

A brand new car has been added to the GTA Online Casino rewards, and can be won with just one Lucky Wheel spin – if you’re, well, lucky enough! It’s the Ubermacht SC1, worth $1.6 million in-game.

While the new model might be worth over a million dollars in-game, should you buy it from one of the online store in your iFruit phone, fear not as you would be driving away with it some time soon absolutely free of charge.

GTA Diamond Casino boosted rewards!

GTA Casino heist vault
Rockstar Games
The GTA Diamond Heist will be giving double rewards, for a limited time.

Those looking to jump into the Diamond Casino & Resort to steal some of its most expensive assets will be getting a boost in rewards, for a limited time.

Between the dates of June 4-June 11, Rockstar Games will be making the heist double RP rewards, although the cash prize for completing it all will remain the same – sadly.

Races and discounts

The premium race for the week will be Congestion Charge (super class) and the time trial will be Calafia Way, with the RC time trial of Cemetery. Alongside the greatly boosted rewards will be a slash in prices for a number of different things in GTA Online. These can be found in the list below.

  • Arcades & Facilities (50% off)
  • Mobile Operation Centers (40%)
  • Caracara 4×4 (40% 0ff)
  • Swinger (40% off)
  • Ardent (40% off)
  • Rogue (40% off)

Twitch Prime rewards

Those who have their Rockstar Social Club account linked to their Twitch Prime will, once again, be able to get a leg up on other players. For example, they won’t need to spend as much as others on cars, weapons or apartments that are on sale every so often.

For more information on current Twitch Prime rewards and, of course, how to link accounts check out our GTA Online rewards guide.


GTA 5 actors show behind the scenes of ‘Lamar roasts Franklin’ meme IRL remake

Published: 17/Jan/2021 20:05

by Bill Cooney


The voice actors of Franklin and Lamar from GTA 5 gave us an inside look at just how much work went into making the IRL version of their famous meme with a behind-the-scenes look.

“Lamar roasts Franklin” is one of the most memorable scenes from Grand Theft Auto 5. After a story mission, Lamar takes no mercy on what he calls Fraklin’s “ol’ yee-yee ass haircut.”

Even though GTA 5 and the joke itself came out in 2013, there’s a good chance you’ve seen some version or another of it popping up on your YouTube recommended vids, Twitter feed, or other social media recently, as it’s apparently going through a bit of a renaissance to start off 2021 (just search “Lamar roasts Franklin” on YouTube and you’ll see what we mean).

Why exactly this scene has exploded in popularity recently is anyone’s guess, but it didn’t take long at all for Shawn Fonteno (who plays Franklin) and Gerald ‘Slink’ Johnson (voice of Lamar) to act it out themselves IRL to get in on the trend.

Darth Vader roasting Franklin might be entertaining, but we’d say that the real people who played the characters actually living out the scene is one of the best versions yet. A lot of people seem to agree since the clip was viewed over a million times on the first day of being posted alone.

The fact that the actors were able to get together with a crew and film the scene is a feat on its own, especially considering current events going on, but it’s also impressive they were able to basically perfectly recreate the scene in just over five takes — down to the every last in-game movement.

We have to give it to Slink and Fonteno here, they both knock it out of the park with their timing and delivery. This isn’t a surprise since they probably went through a few takes making the game, but still, it’s been close to a decade since that happened.

To really appreciate how much the IRL recreation sticks to the in-game version, just take a look at this comparison video. The two are so spot on, the audio tracks basically synch up at a couple of different points.

While GTA fans might still have a while to wait around for the next installment in the series, at least we have the dynamic duo of Franklin and Lamar working hard to give us content until then.