How to get Snowman outfit in GTA Online: All Snowmen locations

gta online snowman outfitTake-Two Interactive

The Winter update in GTA Online features hidden snowmen that players must destroy in order to unlock a new Snowman outfit – here are all the locations.

Grand Theft Auto Online’s Winter update went live on December 22, with the holiday-themed festivities slated to conclude on Thursday, December 29.

The themed content includes random events such as The Gooch and Weazel Plaza Shootout. Plus, this year’s Christmas Day gifts will apparently unlock access to a Candy Cane, Green Reindeer Beer Hat, and Fireworks Launcher.

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Players who explore the Winter update should also keep an eye out for dozens of Snowmen scattered across the map. After finding and destroying each one, users can expect a reward in the form of a special costume.

All Snowmen locations to unlock GTA Online’s Snowman outfit

The Los Santos map in GTA Online hides a grand total of 25 Snowmen. Since the collectibles coat the map in every direction, it may take some time to find each and every one of them.

Fortunately, the game boasts a counter that keeps track of how many a player has found. And upon locating the collectible items, players can take them off the board by gunshot, explosion, or simply running them over.

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Destroying the final Snowman will result in a notification about a newly unlocked Snowman outfit being added to the in-game wardrobe.

GTA Series Videos on YouTube has a walkthrough featuring each of the 25 locales. The map below also features all of the Snowmen locations marked with icons:

gta online snowman outfit mapTake-Two Interactive

In addition to unlocking the festive outfit, GTA Online players who rid Los Santos of its many Snowmen will also receive $125,000 in their Maze Bank account.

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