GTA 5 TikToks reveal where players can steal super rare cars on map

GTA 5 TikTokYouTube: SpeirsTheAmazingHD

One wise GTA 5 player took to the streets of Los Santos to find some of the game’s rarest cars, with the help of… TikTok?

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been out for so long that there truly aren’t many surprises or hidden gems that can be found in the world these days.

Now, most players traverse the lands of Los Santos trying to collect as many rare collectibles and vehicles that they can find.

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One enterprising player, seeking some of the rarest cars in the game, got some advice from an unexpected source.

GTA player uses TikTok to steal rare cars

YouTuber SpeirsTheAmazingHD posted a video showing how they can use TikTok videos to find and steal some of the rarest cars in the game.

First, Speirs pulled up a TikTok that referenced a “random vacca lambo” driving around an area, along with the in-game time when the TikToker spotted the car.

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Using that information, Speirs was able to figure out approximately where the Lamborghini in question would be at that time during the day.

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Eventually, he was able to track down the car – which he jokingly called Batman’s car in reference to the Lamborghini Bruce Wayne drove in The Dark Knight.

Speirs repeated this process several times to find other rare cars from iconic superheroes such as Iron Man’s Audi R8, Ghost Rider’s motorcycle, the Batmobile, Captain America’s motorcycle, and others.

While not every player will want to steal Iron Man’s Audi, Speirs showed how TikTok can be a valuable resource for GTA players who want to find a specific car in-game.

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