GTA Online player saved by police after getting attacked by NPC

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A GTA Online player’s run-in with an NPC led to an attack that caused a few police officers to get involved.

Similar to every other Grand Theft Auto experience, officers are easy to come by in GTA Online. They patrol various parts of the city, patiently awaiting the moment that someone slips up.

Police have been the subject of weird in-game glitches, too, with one letting cops continue fighting the good fight from beyond the grave.

One player recently discovered that Los Santos’ police force likes to shoot first and ask questions never.

GTA Online police officers protect player from NPC

After parking their sports car and stepping onto a nearby sidewalk, Reddit user TacticoolDelta accidentally bumped into an NPC. The randomly roaming character hit the ground hard, then got up swinging.

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Though the NPC landed a few blows against the surprised player, it was a pair of Los Santos cops who had the final say in the matter.

The cops gunned down the NPC during the interaction, leaving the player and other non-playable characters in shock.

It’s an especially strange occurrence since the Redditor, albeit accidentally, caused the ruckus that set off the chain of events.

Of course, the GTA Online police firing their weapons to solve a simple dispute paints a bad picture of how Los Santos law enforcement operates.

Reportedly, the online suite could’ve received a much more robust police system if Rockstar launched its supposed Cops ‘n’ Crooks mode.

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A Bloomberg report from earlier this year alleges the studio scrapped the idea amid concerns about police brutality in the summer of 2020. The team itself has yet to confirm or deny the story’s claim.