Strange GTA Online glitch lets cops kill you after they’ve died

gta online cops glitchTake-Two Interactive

A GTA Online player recently encountered a strange glitch wherein cops were able to kill them from beyond the grave.

By now, Grand Theft Auto Online players have become accustomed to the multiplayer game’s ridiculous number of bugs.

Some glitches prove relatively minor, hardly impacting the overall experience. Other in-game errors can cause quite the ruckus, though, resulting in randomly exploding cars and locking users out of explorable locations.

Considering how often the title receives updates, issues of this nature will undoubtedly persist for a long time to come. But one recent bug especially has players scratching their heads in confusion.

GTA Online cops kill one player at the weirdest time

Object_Middle_696 shared a brief gameplay clip on Reddit that showcases their strange encounter with a GTA Online police officer.

In the middle of a shootout with police, the player manages to get the upper hand and hit one surviving cop with a killing blow.

All seems well and good until the officer in question, who’s dying on the ground, eerily fires off one last shotgun blast. That final shot instantly kills the player.

Stranger still, the game seems to recognize the cop’s death beforehand, since the “Wasted” screen claims the player character took their own life.

Reddit user Shashlik_McBlin pointed out that some dying NPCs have a chance to pull the trigger due to the “shock of the fall.” RearWheelDriveCult chimed in as well, noting that sometimes a falling gun will go off even if no one’s holding it.

This isn’t the first time that a Redditor has shared such a clip, either. Several weeks ago, another GTA Online player ran into an NPC whose gun fired a kill shot after the enemy’s death.

Cops or no cops, then, GTA Online players would do well to be mindful of NPCs supposedly succumbing to death with guns still equipped.