GTA Online: How to find treasure with your submarine

Rockstar Games

GTA Online’s Cayo Perico update added a brand new selection of vehicles and one of the most expensive was the submarine, but you can use it to get cash back if you know what you’re doing. 

The game’s not only added huge underwater vehicles to the mix, equipped with lock-on rocket launchers, but also in an almost challenge-like way players who own one can start to hunt for treasure.

The actual name of this in-game is Hidden Caches, which are hidden in the depths of the sea.

Tracking them down isn’t the easiest thing in the world at first, though with the right setup, you will be farming treasure – which means cash and RP – in no time. It’s actually quite a simple process.

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How to farm Hidden Caches in GTA Online

GTA submarineRockstar Games
The GTA Online submarine can make you some serious money every week.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that there will be 10 of these Hidden Caches to find in GTA Online every day. Each one you tick off, you will get an RP boost and $7,500 cash per capture. That means you’re looking at $75,000 per day, if you play your cards right.

Follow the instructions below and you will be well on your way:

  1. Load up Grand Theft Auto 5 and enter GTA Online.
  2. Purchase the submarine from your iFruit phone.
  3. Go into upgrades and select the Sonar System, which will help you track down Hidden Caches.
  4. Purchase the mini Submarine option, allowing you to sound out the treasure in the big sub, and switch to the smaller one to collect it.
  5. Pick the nearest Hidden Cache and travel towards it – repeating this process to farm them.

How to find Hidden Cache in GTA 5

They’re easy to spot once you have completed those steps.

As seen below, they appear in the water with easily recognizable icons.

GTA Online hidden cacheRockstar Games
GTA Online’s new hidden cache treasures can be found in the water.

How much are submarine upgrades?

Clearly, with a hefty $2.2 million price tag on the submarine, this isn’t going to be for everyone. Many members of the game’s online community will have a shed load of cash, because it’s been out for so long, making it a little more accessible than the absurd amount may perceive.

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The Sonar System is $1.2 million and the added feature to store a Kraken Avisa submersible inside will cost an additional $1.54 million.

Upgrades list and prices

  • Color ($75,000)
  • Flag (Free)
  • Sonar Station ($1,200,000)
  • Guided Missiles ($1,900,000)
  • Weapon Workshop ($350,000)
  • Moon Pool Vehicles: Sparrow ($1,815,000) & Kraken Avisa ($1,545,000)

All in all, it’s quite expensive, but will make your ability to access new money on a daily basis that bit easier. That’s for sure.