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GTA Online: How to escape Casino heist undetected in Big Con approach

Published: 30/Jun/2020 11:00 Updated: 30/Jun/2020 12:57

by Connor Bennett


Grand Theft Auto Online players have found a sneaky way to complete the Diamond Casino Heist without being detected with The Big Con heist approach – even if the job glitches out towards the end.

When Rockstar made the Diamond Casino heist-able back in December, GTA Online players were chomping at the bit to bust through the doors and steal some major money. 

Though, you don’t have to go in all guns blazing. Instead, you can sneak your way in with the Silent and Sneaky approach or pretend to be a part of the everyday casino routine with the Big Con approach.


However, a few glitches have been putting these quiet approaches in danger with guards being stuck in place and, now, having the exit disguises bug out and disappear before you reach the end. 

Rockstar Games
The Diamond Casino heist can be tricky to navigate.

GTA Online Diamond Casino heist undetected exit tips

If your exit disguises manage to disappear, however, you don’t need to fret. According to YTFatGuyGaming – who also had a workaround for the frozen guard glitch – you can still escape the heist undetected.

All you have to do is, still, follow the usual exit plan to get towards the room where the exit disguise would be – while staying undetected, that is. 

From there, follow the steps laid out by the YouTuber below and not only will you escape scot free, but you should also bank some extra cash through the elite challenge.


  1. After coming up the stairs, do the same thing you would usually do to get to the exit disguises.
  2. Go into the laundry room and go to the last door on the left (directly across the hall from the double doors leading to the staff lobby)
  3. Make sure the guard in the hall, as well as the other two guards, are patrolling the staff lobby 
  4. Head to the staff lobby, through the metal detector, and out the staff lobby door.
  5. Once outside, go directly to the right and knock out the N.O.O.S.E. agent on the left side of the van.
  6. Go left to the outside wall of the track and run around the perimeter of the track to the parking lot.
  7. Go out to the road, steal a car/get a getaway vehicle, and drive to the exit.

Of course, this is slightly easier said than done – you need your teamwork to be on point to get around the casino heist undetected, after all.

Though, putting in the hard work and extra effort, as well as getting extra prep items like the staff patrol routes, will ultimately pay off in the end. Just make sure you aren’t spotted and have your heist ruined.