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GTA Online: All 54 hidden casino playing card locations revealed

Published: 24/Jul/2019 19:46 Updated: 24/Jul/2019 22:03

by David Purcell


The Diamond Casino and Resort is officially open for business in GTA Online, but if you’re looking to get ahold of some more chips to play with, finding all of the hidden playing cards across the map might be your best bet. 

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The brand new online facility opened its doors for the first time on July 23, an event that was arguably years in the making for many Grand Theft Auto V players, and players are going to need as many chips as possible if they’re looking to compete with the high rollers.  

Cashiers will allow you to change in-game currency to chips at a rate of one to one and while a few ways to get more chips have already been revealed, one of the easiest is to find a number of hidden casino playing cards in the online mode. 


Rockstar GamesIf GTA Online players want to play games inside the new Diamond Casino, they’re going to need chips.
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These hidden features have been dotted around the entire map waiting to be found, chiefly located in the Los Santos and Blaine County sections. 

For those wondering just how this all works, basically players can stumble across these playing cards in different places and as a reward for finding them, they will be granted extra chips to play with in the Diamond Casino – making it a really useful way of building up not just chips, but potentially cash too. 

So, let’s take a look at all of the 54 locations across the GTA V map where you can find these hidden cards. 


Collect hidden playing cards in GTA Online at these locations to unlock more chips for the Diamond Casino.
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All casino playing card locations in GTA Online 

Hidden playing cards 1-27

  • Hidden card 1: Found on the pier above Alamo Sea
  • Hidden card 2: Found on a coffee table at the Rockford Plaza
  • Hidden card 3: Found at the front of Nelson’s General Store, Chumash
  • Hidden card 4: Found at the Ammu-Nation with a Shooting Range, near Cypress Flats
  • Hidden card 5: Found at the Davis Fire Department on Macdonald Street, Davis
  • Hidden card 6: Found at the end of the Del Perro Beach pier
  • Hidden card 7: Found inside Pacific Bank in Downtown Vinewood 
  • Hidden card 8: Found inside the Tattoo Parlor at El Burro Heights
  • Hidden card 9: Found at the Rebel Radio station, Grand Senora Desert
  • Hidden card 10: Found roadside at Grand Senora Desert
  • Hidden card 11: Found on a red cart at the Industrial Plant
  • Hidden card 12: Found in the back room of the Grapeseed Convenience Store
  • Hidden card 13: Found inside a hangar at the McKenzie Field, Grapeseed
  • Hidden card 14: Found on the porch of a house near the Route 68 Church
  • Hidden card 15: Found at the Auto Exotic garage in Hawick
  • Hidden card 16: Found at the Tram station near Heli Tours, Little Seoul
  • Hidden card 17: Found on first floor at Los Santos International Airport
  • Hidden card 18: Found at Convenience Store in Mirror Park
  • Hidden card 19: Found on the dirt trail that leads up Mount Gordo
  • Hidden card 20: Found at the Murrieta Heights Liquor Store
  • Hidden card 21: Found at the bottom cable car station, Paleto Bay
  • Hidden card 22: Found at the Paleto Bay Tattoo Parlor
  • Hidden card 23: Found inside Los Santos Customs, Paleto Bay
  • Hidden card 24: Found at the Pillbox Hill Ammu-Nation
  • Hidden card 25: Found near an eagle statue between the FBI & IAA buildings 
  • Hidden card 26: Found at a Hippie Hangout near the Wind Farm
  • Hidden card 27: Found at the Raton Canyon Lookout Post, above the tunnel

Rockstar GamesIf you haven’t noticed already, many of the GTA Online hidden playing cards can be found inside convenience stores.
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Hidden playing cards 28-54

  • Hidden card 28: Found at the Movie Studio at Richards Majestic
  • Hidden card 29: Found in back yard of mansion at West Eclipse and Tongva Drive intersection, Richman
  • Hidden card 30: Found inside Richman Glen Convenience Store
  • Hidden card 31: Found inside building across from Life Invader in Rockford Hills
  • Hidden card 32: Found at mansion at the end of Steele Way in Rockford Hills
  • Hidden card 33: Found at a blue house near Cape Catfish, San Chianksi Mountain range
  • Hidden card 34: Found on the pool table at the Yellow Jack Bar, Sandy Shores
  • Hidden card 35: Found at Sandy Shores Fire Station
  • Hidden card 36: Found on the washing machines at the front of YouTool hardware store, Senora Freeway
  • Hidden card 37: Found at the Lost Hangout in Stab City
  • Hidden card 38: Found inside a booth at the Vanilla Unicorn
  • Hidden card 39: Found at the Ammu-Nation in Tataviam Mountain range
  • Hidden card 40: Found at the Jetsam Terminal Building, on a table
  • Hidden card 41: Found at Musclehead Gym on Vespucci Beach
  • Hidden card 42: Found in Barber Shop at Vespucci Canals
  • Hidden card 43: Found at the middle shed at Madrazo’s Ranch, Vinewood Hills
  • Hidden card 44: Found in the parking lot of the Vinewood Hills Observatory
  • Hidden card 45: Found at the Gentry Manor Hotel, West Vinewood
  • Hidden card 46: Found at the Discount Store in Zancudo
  • Hidden card 47: Found at the north entrance of the Zancudo Millitary Base
  • Hidden card 48: Found at the dock at Paleto Cove, down the wooden stairs
  • Hidden card 49: Found near a road that connects both Grapeseed and Sandy Shores
  • Hidden card 50: Found at the Convenience Store in Senora Freeway
  • Hidden card 51: Found in back room of Convenience store at Banham Canyon
  • Hidden card 52: Found inside a booth at Maze Bank Arena car park
  • Hidden card 53: Found in alleyway behind cheap vehicle warehouse
  • Hidden card 54: Found behind yellow house in Vinewood Hills, on Didion Drive

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With people scouring every inch of the map to find these hidden cards and earn more GTA Online Casino chips following its grand opening, there’s a possibility that this list will be extended in the future.

Should that turn out to be the case, we’ll keep this article updated with all of the latest details. Until then, find as many as you can and reap the rewards in the casino. Best of luck!