GTA Online Cayo Perico heist: 5 things we know

. 2 years ago
Rockstar Games

The Cayo Perico heist releases December 15, and it’s unlike any GTA Online update we’ve seen before. 

If there’s one thing that gets a GTA player on the edge of their seat, it’s a new heist. Especially when it’s set on a private island owned by the game’s biggest narcotrafficker, El Rubio.

It’s fair to say the Cayo Perico heist has the whole GTA community excited and ready to take on the score of a lifetime.

But what do we know about GTA Online’s biggest ever update? Here are five things you should know before Cayo Perico’s release.

Rockstar Games
GTA 5 released in 2013, making it over seven years old.

GTA V’s Cayo Perico can be completed solo

Cayo Perico will be the first-ever heist in GTA Online that can be completed solo. This has been a heavily requested feature for heists in the past, so it’s great for fans to see Rockstar finally allowing them to go it alone.

Of course, completing the heist solo will mean you keep all of the profit. However, don’t expect it to go easy on you. Judging from the trailer, this heist isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

GTA V Cayo Perico vehicles

The trailer gave us a good idea of what vehicles we can expect to be using throughout the heist. One of which is an attack helicopter that is guaranteed to deliver plenty of firepower if necessary.

However, it appears players will need to acquire a stealthier mode of transport before they can begin the heist. This will be in the form of a submarine that is no doubt required to help you access the island without being detected.

Fans will most likely need to purchase the submarine before they can begin the heist. This will be a hefty investment, so let’s hope you’ve got some hard-earned cash saved up.

Rockstar Games
Submarine from the Cayo Perico heist trailer.

GTA V Cayo Perico characters

It looks like Rockstar has a new set of characters for us to meet on the Cayo Perico heist. However, the trailer did reveal a few familiar faces including fan-favorite character English Dave. There’s no doubt he’ll bring a smile to your face, even in the middle of an intense heist.

Of course, the owner of the island El Rubio made an appearance in the trailer. Considering his reputation, it’ll be interesting to see how much he can be interacted with.

GTA V Cayo Perico heist payout

As with any heist, it’s important to know how much money you can expect to gain.

Well, a tweet from Tez2 may have revealed the exact amount players will receive. During the trailer, fans are shown a digital screen that displays that the Madrazo files are worth $1.1 million and the Secondary Targets total up to around $2.8 million.

That adds up to an impressive payout of around $4 million.

GTA V Cayo Perico map location

The exact location of Cayo Perico on the GTA map is yet to be confirmed, but a lot of fans have predicted it will be situated on the West coast of Los Santos.

It’s worth noting that it’s likely players will have to go through a load screen to access Cayo Perico. This means it may not be possible to travel to the island by sea.

Either way, the heist trailer has successfully hyped up and excited the GTA community. Fingers crossed the update delivers on expectations and provides a great gameplay experience.

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